Monday, May 28

O's Closing Ceremony

"The tiger in the jungle says Roar, Roar, Roooaaaaar!"
 And once again the 2 year-old's steal the show at the pre-school closing ceremony.  I live for this.

"Hey Sis! What are you doing way up there?"

With her faaaavorite classmate all clad in seersucker (and mommy's pearls).

Suffering through relentless torture from mamarazzi--with fake smiles. Hilarious.

Thursday, March 1

Lucas Moments

Good times. Lucas' personality has fully emerged as a loveable, cuddly, happy, pick-eating, family-oriented, shy to strangers, fiery to friends, and destructive to anything his sister tries to construct. Ahhh (sighh).  A true little brother. And when he started walking at ten months--there was no turning sitting still---ever. The boy is wearing a path into our wood floors.

His daddy thought he was sleeping but he was peeking at me. LOL.

This is how Lucas took his first steps. While Olivia didn't like the lion much, he LOVED it.

Monday, January 23

Solitary Snow...

It really only snowed with a little accumulation once this year. Atypical for Maryland but then again the very definition of Maryland weather is "atypical."

Little-to-no snow didn't keep us from having s'mores about 432 times starting in October and well into March!