Tuesday, June 21

Olivia's Toddler Room: After

You've seen the before pictures of Olivia's toddler room...and I have promised these after a million times over! I kept trying to wait until the room was finished, accessorized, or at least cleaned up.  BUT I'm finding the more time that goes by the more lived in, stained, wrinkly, and imperfect the room becomes because Olivia LOVES her room. For that I am grateful.

So I kept it real. So I didn't fix the monkey prints that are sliding down the frame mats. I didn't stage or even vacuum the rugs (and they really really needed it). I didnt even adjust the settings on my expensive camera. Did I mention I have two kids under two? What you see is what you get. This is what O's room looks like just before bedtime on any given Tuesday because that's exactly when I snapped these.


If you've followed the blog you know most of these sources but here goes:
  • Headboard- Target.com (DIY upholstered by me and mom)
  • Bedskirt- Target.com
  • Pink Lattice Sheets- Land of Nod
  • Quilted Bedding - HomeGoods
  • End of Bed Storage - Walmart.com
  • Retractable/Hideaway Extra Long Bed Rail- One Step Ahead
  • Bedside Lamp - a wedding gift
  • Rug - HomeDecorators.com
  • Toile Wall - All fabric - starched on by mom
  • Nightstand/Dresser - Repainted Existing Set (Inspired by Emily Clark)
  • Dresser Mirror - HomeGoods
  • Dresser Lamps - Marshalls (2007)
  • Pink Chairs - HomeGoods
  • Three Monkeys Art - Etsy Shop The Pink Pagoda
  • Custom Roman Shades- JCPenney.com
  • Window Cornice Boxes - DIY by me and mom
  • Window Curtain Panels Pink Lattice - Land of Nod
  • TO BE ADDED - Ikea Expedit Bookcase, white.
I'll take more pictures with better camera settings once the room is complete!

Thursday, June 9

No Brainer

I happened upon a fantastic fashion blog this week and feel compelled to share all of its splendor with you.

Glamorous Newlywed

Love it. LOVE it. ALL of it. I like both her interactive Q&A concept and most of all the end result.  She takes reader inquiries and helps them dress for random life events (pool party at the in-laws? she's gotcha covered!) and occasions and even pack for trips so that you are prepared, comfortable, and appropriate. The end result is an affordable, stylish ensemble right down to the bag. When I say affordable, I mean $12 shoes people.

Best of all she has great taste and is quite gifted with Polyvore. I'm banking on never having to think about an outfit ever again--as styling IS not my strong suit. I never see the possibilities in clothing and accessories that true fashionistas do.

She also recently launched Glambina for her newborn baby. I am looking forward to her posts on motherhood and hopefully baby styling as we certainly have issues in that department too.

Check her out. You'll be glad you did.

Wednesday, June 8

All Endings Are Also Beginnings...

I always think of my favorite Mitch Albom quotes this time of year..."All endings are also beginnings" during commencement season as I have used it in many commencement speeches I made as Miss Maryland.

Today I think of the quote because my maternity leave for little Lucas is coming to an end as I return to work next week.

Don't worry this won't be a sappy "I don't want to leave my baby!" post. Nope. I'm ready to go back to work. I love being a working mama. Love my job. Love the folks I work with and since my office leadership happens to be in transition at the moment--it is very important that I get back to work.

It is also important that Lucas let some other than his mama take care of him. With a total of 10 weeks off, I've actually taken 2 extra weeks off with Lucas than I took with Olivia. According to my husband "he needed it." He is a bit needier than Olivia. We've bonded more with the nursing (since he feeds like EVERY 1.5 hours--INSANE). I just hope he behaves for our nanny. He will.

For my second maternity leave instead of planning a Baby Clambake, a trip to Vegas with CCD, a trip to New Orleans, and killing myself at the gym---I slept more, and soaked in the newborn goodness. We made more family ice cream trips--mm honey graham and salty caramel are my new addictions thanks to the genius of Taharka Brothers. I did more housekeeping items that fall behind in our fast paced lives and long term planning for our family. I even took up semi-extreme couponing and saved $100!

What I did NOT do is finish Olivia's toddler room! Just one more item to buy-the IKEA expedit bookcase but,  I'm calling it "done enough." Pictures of the toddler room coming soon!