Thursday, June 9

No Brainer

I happened upon a fantastic fashion blog this week and feel compelled to share all of its splendor with you.

Glamorous Newlywed

Love it. LOVE it. ALL of it. I like both her interactive Q&A concept and most of all the end result.  She takes reader inquiries and helps them dress for random life events (pool party at the in-laws? she's gotcha covered!) and occasions and even pack for trips so that you are prepared, comfortable, and appropriate. The end result is an affordable, stylish ensemble right down to the bag. When I say affordable, I mean $12 shoes people.

Best of all she has great taste and is quite gifted with Polyvore. I'm banking on never having to think about an outfit ever again--as styling IS not my strong suit. I never see the possibilities in clothing and accessories that true fashionistas do.

She also recently launched Glambina for her newborn baby. I am looking forward to her posts on motherhood and hopefully baby styling as we certainly have issues in that department too.

Check her out. You'll be glad you did.

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  1. You are so sweet to post this!!! SO glad you like my humble little blog :)