Thursday, February 24

Making Progress...

We're making progress on Olivia's toddler room. Although I have the plan set with a few deviations here and there---I am still running across inspiration pics that I love--like this one...

I have quite a bit of grosgrain ribbon I got in bulk to do some other things in the room, but wouldn't it be neat to trim the crown molding with it--the way this designer has used paint?

Hopefully I will have some progress on the room to show you after this weekend.  With what little my mom (thanks mama!) and I have done so far, Charm City Daddy walked in last weekend and said, "Whoah it's starting to feel different in here already. And it's really girly this time." I beamed with pride.

I think after a gender neutral nursery, O deserves a girly room. As soon as her room is all set, I can focus on refreshing the nursery for baby Lucas, removing O's photos and girly stuff, and moving his things in.

8-month Belly Pic

I haven't taken nearly as many pictures with baby number two---or even put in the effort into getting decent ones. It's too bad because I'm definitely carrying little Lucas differently than Olivia. Most of the weight gain has stayed in my belly area and I've even been able to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans with the help of a belly band which was an impossibility at even 5 months pregnant with Olivia.

Here's a pic of me over the weekend in my basic, comfy go-to H&M Mama maternity gear, white tee with puffy sleeves and black stretch pants.

I try to correct my posture and not waddle but can you see how my back hurts constantly? C'mon March 30th--4 weeks, 6 days! 

Monday, February 14

Olivia's Latest Obsession: "Monkey Dooo!"

If she isn't chanting the theme song Caillou *in near perfect pitch* (that's a proud mama speaking), Olivia is constantly lobbying for the TV channel to be changed to her favorite programming.  It is quite easy to fulfill these requests when the programming can be found On Demand (under the Kids menu for Sprout-PBS)--and even easier to live-with when they are only 5 minutes long--like her latest obsession, Monkey See, Monkey Do aka "Monkey Dooo!" This mini-show combines two things Olivia loves---animals and dancing around. I highly recommend it.

Friday, February 11

Currently Craving: Ice

How is that for an inexplicable, flavorless craving?

I actually bring glasses of ice cubes to bed at night and crunch away. I can even be found eating directly from an IKEA ice tray we have that makes perfect drink stir sticks while watching American Idol.

Charm City Daddy counts it my strangest craving of all. I tend to agree.

Friday, February 4

The Big 3-0!

Lil' ole' me is turning the big 3-0 on Superbowl Sunday.

Not with much fanfare though, I am pregnant after all.

Yep, those hopes of whipping out those liquid leather croc-embossed leggings that I sported during my last trip to Vegas will not be part of celebration as planned. Not that the thought didn't cross my mind--hey, they ARE stretchy, but that would just be wrong.

To be honest, I've been approaching this milestone with much anxiety. I've really enjoyed being in my 20's. My older sister assures me, however, that the 30's are a great decade because you still can pass for your 20's but have the wisdom of the decade past.

That DID make me feel better.....and so did the thought of me buying myself something really grown-up to commemorate the milestone. You know, a big girl purchase... like crazy designer pumps that I will hardly wear or freak out if the soles gets scratched up or a designer purse that will give me buyer's remorse within 24 hours

I still can't rationalize the pumps...but the purse?? *evil laugh*

Enter... the Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Collection. My mouth has been watering over these for some time as Miss Sofia perfectly combined the classic barrel with the convenience of a shoulder strap. Problem is price..a minimum $2k+ investment. Ouch! But oh,  so lovely, yes?

Enter...the new Tory Burch Robinson Collection. For an easier-to-live-with $500, I get the same look, function and even a fun color like green!

And maybe--just maybe if I love, love, love it and use it constantly--I will have less remorse investing in the Sofia Coppola bag later in a more neutral color, when I've saved up a enough pennies in my guilt-free bag fund. Maybe.

It's fun to dream.

Tuesday, February 1

Proud Mama

I did that. And I am one proud mama.
I cornrowed Olivia's hair! I'm not good yet, but as a french braid native, I am finally getting the hang of it.

This is the second week she has sported this particular style, and I snapped a few shots after I refreshed all of the braids on Saturday. It's increasingly hard to get good pictures of my little spunky subject. She hates the flash.

Here are some tips, if you are thinking about committing to this hair style for your little one:
  • Don't expect your toddler to sit still. You have to incrementally train your little one to sit still with less-involved hair styles as they grow up. Olivia's hair has been fussed over whether it was just hair bows or plats since she was 7 weeks old.
  • Prepare a snack, juice, or bottle.
  • TV can be a good distraction. Olivia gets to watch her favorite show(s). 
  • Playtime is a good time. We typically embark on the one-hour commitment between 10-11 a.m.  as it is one solid hour away from 12 noon nap time. She will be READY for that nap too. Btw, it doesn't always take an hour, sometimes less.
  • Give her a break. At the halfway point, if possible, stop and kiss the baby, let them run around for about 2-3 minutes (but not too long) and then refocus and get it done.
  • When you're done, let 'em run.  I remember as a young girl getting my hair braided (usually during the summer months) after sitting still all of that time, I couldn't wait to break free and run.
You should also try to avoid interruptions and distractions yourself so you can concentrate on getting the task at hand done as soon as possible.  So that means no taking phone calls, watching TV,  etc.

Two Helpful Tools: the Bebe Pod and metal clips (keeps hair you're not braiding out of the way)

Above all take it easy and don't stress yourself or your child out (or the rest of your family) over getting this done. Every part won't be perfectly straight and symmetrical and every braid won't be perfect. Oh well. There's always next time.