Friday, February 4

The Big 3-0!

Lil' ole' me is turning the big 3-0 on Superbowl Sunday.

Not with much fanfare though, I am pregnant after all.

Yep, those hopes of whipping out those liquid leather croc-embossed leggings that I sported during my last trip to Vegas will not be part of celebration as planned. Not that the thought didn't cross my mind--hey, they ARE stretchy, but that would just be wrong.

To be honest, I've been approaching this milestone with much anxiety. I've really enjoyed being in my 20's. My older sister assures me, however, that the 30's are a great decade because you still can pass for your 20's but have the wisdom of the decade past.

That DID make me feel better.....and so did the thought of me buying myself something really grown-up to commemorate the milestone. You know, a big girl purchase... like crazy designer pumps that I will hardly wear or freak out if the soles gets scratched up or a designer purse that will give me buyer's remorse within 24 hours

I still can't rationalize the pumps...but the purse?? *evil laugh*

Enter... the Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Collection. My mouth has been watering over these for some time as Miss Sofia perfectly combined the classic barrel with the convenience of a shoulder strap. Problem is price..a minimum $2k+ investment. Ouch! But oh,  so lovely, yes?

Enter...the new Tory Burch Robinson Collection. For an easier-to-live-with $500, I get the same look, function and even a fun color like green!

And maybe--just maybe if I love, love, love it and use it constantly--I will have less remorse investing in the Sofia Coppola bag later in a more neutral color, when I've saved up a enough pennies in my guilt-free bag fund. Maybe.

It's fun to dream.


  1. Welcome to the 30 and over club!! Welcome it with open arms, you're in good company! :-)

  2. By the way...I like the Tory Burch. It's more fun!

  3. I like the TB too! Great color to inspire some spring. No guts to make the purchase yet though--all discretionary funds are going toward Olivia's new room.