Thursday, April 29


Are you Twitter-Shy? I am.

I've been on Twitter just about as long as I've been on Facebook--and while I have no problem posting my status on Facebook every now and then (definitely not all the time), there is something about the WIDE OPEN nature of Twitter, that makes me hesitant to post there. So I privately "secure" all of my tweets (although I haven't tweeted even ONCE) and you have to ask permission to follow me (@charmcityliving, btw), but I'm pretty permissive as long as you're not a spam artist--LOTS of those out there.

So since I don't tweet on Twitter, I really just use it to do my stalking of celebrities, news, magazines, favorite bloggers, designers, stores,etc. I also follow tweets from my workplace which is pretty handy. I guess you could say that I use Twitter for my own real-time listening pleasure.

I love how direct it is, too--if you're not Twitter-shy, that is. If I had the guts wanted to I could just direct message or tweet folks like Bravo Producer Andy Cohen ( @bravoandy ) my opinion of the Real Housewives during one of his late night Watch What Happens shows--and he would ACTUALLY see it--and perhaps RESPOND!? How cool is that? For that reason and many others--I find Twitter invaluable. Now, I'm not stupid. Obviously, some stars and prominent folks have people to Twitter for them ( I even Tweet on my own boss' behalf occasionally--OOPS did I ruin Christmas?), but there is something neat about the authenticity of tweets from the actual person.Charm City Daddy has had much success in using Twitter to banter with prominent folks in politics and finance. You have to love the access that the information and technology age affords us.

Also--I find it VERY informative. I follow a NY Times reporter who often has the inside on TV and techie stuff. I also recently learned about Fashion Bay through someone's tweet. Have you heard about it? Is this a hoax? It seems too good to be true. Please let me know.

Anyway, back on topic. Do you Twitter? Who do you follow?

Monday, April 26

Sicky Poo

This little one woke up Sunday morning with her first cold.

She has severe nasal congestion which leaves her panting like a dog as she can only breathe through her mouth--interrupting her sleep at least once each night. Taking bottles are also difficult. She has watery eyes and snot is everywhere!

We are running from room to room following our poor child with nasal spray, nasal aspirator bulbs, Boogie wipes, and Q-tips. Olivia is highly annoyed by her parents but happy otherwise!She squirms whines and turns her face aways the second we pick up any of those items. Poor baby. We're doing the humidifier, hot baths, and even Vick's waterless vaporizer. I'm a such a first time parent. Overboard?

There is so much snot though...and it's smeared all over the place and pouring out (you like that visual?). I keep trying to make her do her nose trick where she scrunches up her nose and does short quick pushes of air out of her nose, but she won't do it. I even made a special run to Babies R Us this morning for this batter powered nasal aspirator. It's okaaaay, but she hates it too--even with the distracting music.

Then I remembered the snot sucker from another blog I follow. It will arrive via overnight shipping tomorrow and will hopefully give my baby girl some relief.  I will let you know!

UPDATE: The Nosefrida arrived and WORKS WONDERS! I highly, highly recommend it!

Charm City, We've Got a Crawler!

So much going on.

My grandma, Olivia's great-grandma visited us last week.

And while I away for a work retreat for just ONE night, Miss Olivia decided she would start crawling! UGH! I totally missed it. You know, the expression on her face when she first realized she was mobile. I hate that.

As soon as I got home I set up some bait (her favorite toy, my Pal Scout) to see if she would crawl for me. She crawls on all fours on soft surfaces like our bed and the carpet. But she's learned to adapt to the hardwood floors throughout the house by doing a kind of side saddle monkey scoot--which is much easier on the knees. Observe.
"Scout! How did you know my name?"

"That flashy collar of yours sure is nice!"

A better play-by-play...

We are really enjoying her new found freedom--but we have to keep a close eye on her as she is better than the Dyson vacuum!

Sunday, April 18

Eight Months Old

Drooling (teething). Kissing (aka grabbing ears and gumming cheeks). Pulling Up. Rocking on all fours, but still not crawling. Talking in the stroller. Saying Dahdada to Daddy and Babababa to Mommy. Loving any musical toy you have especially your Mozart Magic Cube, and singing along with it. Never meeting a stranger. Smiling and Reaching for anyone that talks to you. Twirling your hair with your left hand while taking a bottle. Laughing at and loving Scout everytime he says your name. Chunky and tough wearing size 12 months clothing and your fat feet busting out of size 2 shoes. Great sleeper and eater! Focused. Fun!

Saturday, April 10

Worn Out

Whoah, I am so pooped. I do NOT know how stay-at-home moms (or single moms) do it! My weekends wear me out. Actually Olivia wears me out.

I remember life before kids when my Saturdays used to fly by. Back then by the time I crawled out of bed, tidied up the house it was time to prep for dinner or evening plans. But today? Today was NOTHING like that. Plus Charm City Daddy was out of town.

I was up at 6:30 a.m. with Miss O who was sitting up perfectly in her crib and pooled all of her buddy blankets and lullaby musical toys in the center of her bed to beat them to a pulp. When I made my entrance I got the usual squeal and laugh---not to mention pee-soaked pajamas.

SIDE BAR ON THE WEE WEE: "Heavy wetter" doesn't even BEGIN to describe her situation folks. I have tried it all including every combination of diaper that exists and giving her few ounces in her bedtime bottle and we still have bed wetting at least 3-4 nights a week. We have settled with the Pampers 12-hour Baby Dry overnight diapers--but they can't even contain Miss Olivia's bladder.  Her bladder must be as big as her stomach. Experienced moms feel free to leave advice.

Oh yeah--and she started pulling up this week! This is a pic of her pulling up after the wee wee jammies come off in the morning.

After breakfast (and a tall cup of coffee), I wrestled her to take out the 15 trillion braids I put into her hair this week (after telling the nanny that water is NEVER to touch her hair. Face yes, hair no. Hello? That's just inviting tight little bee bee naps!) She fought, squirmed, cried, and so I gave up and the decided it was time for a stroll (which makes her fall asleep). So, I slapped a hat on her fro and huffed it around the hood (with a tall travel mug full of coffee) for a full HOUR. I was hoping she would stay asleep until I got back to the house, but a lawnmower woke her up on the homestretch! By the time I got home it was only 10 a.m.! Really microwave clock? Really?

I survived the rest of the day by putting her little tail in the walker in our bedroom and tied various distracting objects to dresser handles and door knobs around the room. At one point I was spread eagle across the bed with one eye open and she was having a very lively conversation with the clothes hamper and later repeatedly thumbing one of the dresser drop handles (CLANK CLANK CLANK) with pure and utter joy.

I remember looking at the clock at 3:45 p.m. and thinking THREE LONG HOURS UNTIL BEDTIME?!?

At 4:30 she had her dinner after we walked to the ice cream shop (for heavenly Toffee Caramel Swirl!). On that walk I discovered her 20-pound butt is too heavy and too big for the Baby Bjorn unless I am interested in throwing my back out. A dad at the ice cream shop saw me struggling and recommended another model with more suitable back support available. Thanks guy.

By 5:30 she was very fussy, irritable, wouldn't let me put her down and I think we had an argument in baby talk. I took her temperature because this baby had to be sick. Nope. Just fine. Just spoiled ROTTEN.

I honestly don't remember what we did between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. when I started drawing her bath  and sadly that was just 5 hours ago! Ha! I do remember some intensive staring was involved, and I was sprawled out again--this time head on glider seat and butt on ottoman--and I think she was in the crib standing up (holding the rail) laughing at me.

I DO remember that I promptly put her to bed at 7:15 p.m. and wished all of the neighborhood kids playing outside would sssshhhuush up!

Through all of that I did coax her to take 2 naps today in addition to the one she had during the morning stroll. I managed to clean out and reorganize my closet during one nap. ALL maternity and nursing clothes have been removed and retired--for now.

When Charm City Daddy arrived home tonight, I told him we have a monster on our hands. 
I can only imagine how she will behave tomorrow during church service. Luckily we have a very LOUD service and congregation. I had to leave Easter service three times because she wanted to sing louder than everyone, shout during the moment of silence, and refuse to nap even though she was tired--oh and empty the contents of the diaper bag on the floor.

SAHMs of the world, I salute you. Please excuse me while I go collapse.

Tuesday, April 6

I love the end of my day...

...especially when I get a text message on the way home with this pic...

...a baby that passed out during her afternoon stroll through the neighborhood. I also get to witness this...
the daily stiff arm of the "daddy's home" kisses.
 The beating of daddy's lips has become a family ritual. Ahh, it's the little things you have to appreciate. 

Easter Weekend

Lots of firsts this weekend. First Afro puffs.First pair of sunglasses (for Olivia's daily neighborhood stroll). First Air Jordans (I couldn't resist). First pig tails. And of course First Easter!
hair barrettes from the Easter Bunny (grandma). 

Wanted: stuff I don't need...

Its been a while since I've really been into Michael Kors accessories but I'm liking this clear acrylic watch (sigh)...

The burglar took my 2 expensive watches and--gee thanks--left behind the Fossil watch that McDonald's gave me after a speech during my beauty queen days. This of course, cracked Charm City Daddy up. He always hated that watch which is why he gave me a nice one--now gone! Not so funny.  So technically I should have a replacement and this MK watch is only a fraction of my loss! Good enough excuse?

I also like this bag (double sigh). It sorta looks like a Hermes Birkin and has the chain strap I've been wanting on a bag this season. AND it's cheaper than the Tory Burch tote I've also been scoping. Mommy-hood has taken me into the realm of REALLY big bags and totes or toting around wallets in diaper bags. I just bought my big bag for the year (and maybe next year too) in Scottsdale. I really shouldn't be looking at anything!

When I get these types of feelings about stuff I don't need, I usually just wait a week or two and see if the feeling passes. If I can't stop thinking about it, I'll make a move---with a coupon code.