Monday, April 26

Charm City, We've Got a Crawler!

So much going on.

My grandma, Olivia's great-grandma visited us last week.

And while I away for a work retreat for just ONE night, Miss Olivia decided she would start crawling! UGH! I totally missed it. You know, the expression on her face when she first realized she was mobile. I hate that.

As soon as I got home I set up some bait (her favorite toy, my Pal Scout) to see if she would crawl for me. She crawls on all fours on soft surfaces like our bed and the carpet. But she's learned to adapt to the hardwood floors throughout the house by doing a kind of side saddle monkey scoot--which is much easier on the knees. Observe.
"Scout! How did you know my name?"

"That flashy collar of yours sure is nice!"

A better play-by-play...

We are really enjoying her new found freedom--but we have to keep a close eye on her as she is better than the Dyson vacuum!

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