Tuesday, April 6

Wanted: stuff I don't need...

Its been a while since I've really been into Michael Kors accessories but I'm liking this clear acrylic watch (sigh)...

The burglar took my 2 expensive watches and--gee thanks--left behind the Fossil watch that McDonald's gave me after a speech during my beauty queen days. This of course, cracked Charm City Daddy up. He always hated that watch which is why he gave me a nice one--now gone! Not so funny.  So technically I should have a replacement and this MK watch is only a fraction of my loss! Good enough excuse?

I also like this bag (double sigh). It sorta looks like a Hermes Birkin and has the chain strap I've been wanting on a bag this season. AND it's cheaper than the Tory Burch tote I've also been scoping. Mommy-hood has taken me into the realm of REALLY big bags and totes or toting around wallets in diaper bags. I just bought my big bag for the year (and maybe next year too) in Scottsdale. I really shouldn't be looking at anything!

When I get these types of feelings about stuff I don't need, I usually just wait a week or two and see if the feeling passes. If I can't stop thinking about it, I'll make a move---with a coupon code.


  1. Rue Lala and Gilt can make a few purchases not hurt quite so bad... lemme know if you need an invite.

  2. I have a Gilt membership (which really requires discipline and patience for specific stuff to come around) so I never tried Rue lala. I'll give it a shot--hook me up!