Wednesday, March 31

Did You Miss Me?

What a week! Work has been insanely busy this week, but I can't complain because I had the chance to gear up for it at the end of last week.

This time last week was I was packing up to head to Scottsdale, Arizona for an extended spa weekend with 8 very lovely ladies, only 3 of which I had met before the trip. All but two of us were married and four of us had children. All of us were working professionals, so we had a great deal in common and appreciated the opportunity to enjoy some wine and down time.

I wish I could rewind and go back! It was an incredible, much-needed, relaxing girls-only weekend.  We hiked.  We were pampered at the spa. We worked out. We talked. We shopped. We ate. We drank. We even staked out the fire pit for 8 hours!! Here are some pics courtesy of our lead trip organizer, the fabulous KJD.
Ever seen a dead, dying centuries old cactus? I found it interesting.
By the fire..where we enjoyed cocktails, laughs, stories, and great food.

Charm City Daddy stayed behind and watched little Lady Gaga Goo Goo and was VERY happy to see me when I returned home. He got a nice little taste of the midget bully's hazing. Ha! Love my little girl.  We have a nice little arrangement when daddy watches her that always results in him appreciating me more. Love that.

After my scariest, most turbulent airplane landing to date (for which even the flight attendant let out a big sigh on the intercom), I thanked God for bringing us home safely. When I arrived home just in time for Olivia's bedtime, I kissed her a million times over and held her a little longer before putting her into the crib.

I am so thankful that I could take that trip (that my husband even encouraged it), but now I feel rejuvenated and ready to jump back into reality and take care of my family.

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