Thursday, February 26

I "heart" purses...

I have always loved purses.

In fact, my mom will tell you that I even carried them around when I was 2 or 3 years old. Although back then I thought purses were to be carried on your bicep when your arm is flexed upward like a muscle man with your fist in the air.

When I see another woman, I'm more likely to look at her purse--not her shoes. I can't help it. It is very telling. You should try it sometime.

The older I get, the more attached I get to my purses--and thus the pickier I get.

My purse purchases today have to meet several criteria:

1. Versatility with multiple looks (casual, professional, dressy).
2. Neutral (goes with most outfits--but doesn't have to match my shoes).
3. Superb Quality & Craftmanship (patterns line up, great materials, lining, pockets, feet)
4. Durable (usually leather or some other durable fabric)
5. Functional (size, shoulder vs. handbag, closures)
6. Classic (not too trendy)

In addition to all of these things, it should be pleasing to the eye, something I can live with for a long time, and not too too flashy of its maker or brand.

Because all of this goes into my purse "investments" I usually only make one purse purchase a year to keep things under control.

A few years ago, Charm City Daddy was nice enough to indulge me in my all-time favorite purse--my black leather Gucci Hobo seen here.

I love this purse for many reasons--one being no one knows its Gucci unless they are familiar with the trademark horsebit buckle--or see the striped lining (which makes finding buried things so much easier).

Last year, after much studying, testing, lifting, visiting I settled on this "edgy" but classic beauty, from Burberry. It's a handbang that celebrates my ode to having free hands, with no kids-in-tow! It's big too--a great airport carry-on.

But now, it's time for me to turn to something more mom "practical." And this is what I've had my eye on (for months)...The Burberry Check Lowry Bag--a shoulder bag that can go cross body.

I really like. You like? Mommies (and fashionistas) of the world, what do you think?

Oh and if you think this purse obsession is bad, wait until you see my diaper bag selection. :)

Sunday, February 22

Mom Jeans...

After dinner with a few of my girlfriends last night, we all took a short stroll to check out some maternity clothes.

I tried to keep an open mind as they all reassured me that maternity clothes have improved and perhaps it would be better if I just tried a few things on.
As we passed by JCrew, I was reminded that my favorite store's spring line DOES NOT carry maternity clothes and although I know this little blessing is only temporary, I had to really calm and reassure myself, that I WILL have JCrew FALL 2009 to look forward to! To quote my favorite movie, The Color Purple, "Nothing but death can keep me from it!" (you have to know me and that movie very well to get that joke...)

Okay--deep breath.

So, as expected I was unimpressed with how little Motherhood Maternity has changed since the days when I used to work for the company in high school. Bows on bellies, lavendar florals, mom jeans with big square button pockets in front--NO pockets in the back--yuck!

As Sarah Palin would say, "Thanks, but no thanks."

On the bright side, I have seen plenty of things I like online at Nordstrom, Old Navy, the Gap, even Pea In the Pod--a sister company to Mimi and Motherhood Maternity (what the f-?), but unfortunately sizing these items up online is a gamble.

Here are a few things I liked, that I will need sooner rather than later:
A staple pair of skinny jeans to replace my pre-pregnancy ones.. (Precious Skinny Jeans $108)

Comfy leggings--my usual weekend wear... (Juicy Couture $78)

A nice pair of work slacks... (Olian Skinny Pant $62)

A basic shirt to top it all off...(Michael Stars $56)

And that's just what I saw at Nordstrom. There was much more, and many great designers to choose from. I am confident there will be plenty of time and things on which to spend money.

Charm City Daddy and I have a destination wedding in Jamaica in May, so naturally in addition to finding a nice dress, I am (so not) looking forward to finding the right maternity swimsuit--as I am sure I will want to take a dip while there.

CCD doesn't like the idea his prego lady in a swimsuit--as he thinks I will be (get this!) an object of desire for onlookers. HA! Hardly! But, let's let him continue to think so. ;)

Monday, February 16

Belly Envy...

I have belly envy.

Look at Halle--now THAT's how you wear a baby! What was she 5-6 months?

I know it's early and I will have plenty of months ahead of me where I will be huge and uncomfortable, but I can't help it. I want Halle's belly--and then I want it to stop right there. lol.
That is terrible to say, but it is honest.

My belly envy is especially bad when I go to the doctor's office and all of the other little expectants look as though they have full command of this whole pregnancy thing.

Also, I kind of don't want to have to explain to people that I'm not just fat and gaining weight--but that there's a baby growing in there!

Big baby bumps help people understand why I'm passing up wine at work functions, asking for decaf coffee, and yawning every 20 minutes.

However, I do have to say that while I want a belly, I am NOT looking forward to wearing maternity clothes--particularly because my first job at Macy's (age 16) was in the maternity department!

Ok, I'm done.

Sunday, February 15

Baby Clothes...

Hear ye! Hear ye! Charm City Daddy has officially purchased more baby clothes than me.

When I knew we were TTC, I bought this onesie to present to CCD to either tell him we were pregnant or congratulate him. Since we found out around Christmas time, I made it a Christmas gift.

He loved it.

But that was it! That is the only clothing I have purchased.

CCD likes sporting college gear of the various institutions of higher learning he has attended and since knowing about the baby--he has begun a onesie and bib frenzy.

First our black lab and now the baby. Poor baby.

But it will be cute to see the baby in a little Yale outfit--and even better if baby is sooooo bright it pays its own way through school.

Speaking of schools....that's another post.

Charm City, We Have a Baby....

Charm City Baby's 12 week sonogram...

Look at that forehead! I love it.

Tuesday, February 10

Coming Soon...

Today was my first trimester screening, so that means another sonogram!

Hey! Get 'em while they're hot folks--the doc doesn't dish these out like candy at every visit...unfortunately. If so, I would plant myself near the candy dish and never leave! Seriously, I wanted to watch the baby move on the screen all day--and it was just sleeping!

Stay tuned for updated sonogram pics of Charm City Baby at 12 weeks!

Dinner Party Success!

Our inaugural dinner party was great!

The only thing I forgot to do was take a pic of our lovely table setting to share with you (and mom).

I dashed in from work 20 minutes before "showtime" and CCD had already picked up the floral arrangements, the house was clean and smelled like food (the caterer had arrived), so all I had to do was freshen up! Perfect! All my table staring, list making, and mental "play-by-plays" definitely paid off.

CCD was a great help getting ready AND cleaning up (whew!) despite the fact that he injured his big toe playing basketball Saturday and has been limping around on major prescription pain meds. Poor baby.

I see many more "dinner and dialogue" parties in our future--with crying babies in the background, no less.

Bring it!

Sunday, February 8

I had a birthday...

I'm 28!

I had a birthday Friday, and as my sister reminded me--one of my first sober ones in a while. Thanks sis. Gave me an idea for a future post, though---my growing list of prego cocktails!

Although it was a "birthday weekend," I spent most of it preparing for a 10-person dinner party that Charm City Daddy and I planned for this Monday.

We love getting friends together for "dinner and dialogue" as we call it, but we always always always do the planning backwards!

First, it must be said that CCD really started this whole thing. Come to think of it, it's always his idea. He conjured up the scenario--found a vegetarian caterer and left all of the nitty gritty details to me. Thanks Babe!

So in a matter of 2 weeks--(who are we kidding) this weekend--I did the following:

-pulled together everyone's calendars,
-sent out invites,
-ordered 4 additional dining chairs (that were discontinued and came from 3 different locations around the country),
-picked up sticks and leaves in the yard that have been buried under snow,
-cleaned and declutterd CCD's home office,
-counted stemware (bought more) and flatware,
-washed all the china, flatware, and stemware(ok--I threw it in dishwasher),
-ordered and hung new drapes for three rooms,
-prepared all of the table linen,
-polished my silver,
-ordered fresh flower arrangements,
-made countless runs to 5 different stores,
-obsessed over seating assignments,
-let my mom obsess over "pre-cleaning" my house before the maid comes Monday morning.

To CCD's credit--He drove me to all of the stores. He arranged for some minor plaster repair work to be done around the house that hadn't been done since we had A/C installed in November. CCD also had the same guy redo CCD's bad paint job in the guest powder room. Bless his heart. CCD knows he is not a handy man. He is ,however, a whiz with numbers and fantastic at hiring the right people and getting them to a reasonable price. THAT is extremely useful.

CCD also carved out time for us on Friday to do dinner and a movie (He's Just Not That Into You)--which we both enjoyed.

We are a good team. Although I am exhausted and spent most of my weekend staring at a set dining room table over and over again--I wouldn't have it any other way. And hey, I don't have to cook! Thank you LORD! My guests would thank You too if they knew any better.

Plus, everytime I get tired I think--what would my mom or Candy (super hostess and supportive wife of Dr. Ben Carson) do? And the answer is---have a kick ass, comfortable event that looks effortless. So that's what we will have. :)

I only wish I could have ONE glass of reisling for relaxation. Ahh due time.

Happy Birthday to me.

Tuesday, February 3

What We're Reading...

Charm City Daddy (CCD) and I both love to spend time and money in the bookstore. In fact, he almost brought me to one on our first date--although quaint, that would have been a mistake. Our tapas, drinks, and dancing obviously turned out to be the best date I've ever had.

Anyway...within a few hours of seeing "Pregnant" on the EPT, I found myself in a bookstore in the parenting section with a good friend of mine, Kev. I bought up everything I could rationalize buying and what I didn't buy, Kev bought. I told you he was a really good friend. :)

So here's our baby library so far...

A classic... What to Expect When You're Expecting by Murkoff & Mazel

A weekly briefing...Your Pregnancy Week By Week by Curtis & Schuler

A picture book...I'm Pregnant! by Regan (highly recommended by a friend)

A recipe book...I'm Pregnant Now What Do I Eat? by Riciotti & Connelly

A name book...Cool Names for Babies by Satran & Rosenkrantz (Thanks Kev!)

A daddy book...The Expectant Father by Brott & Ash (Thanks Kev!)

We've also been relying on the web for pics too.... has some good stuff like videos of sonograms...pretty neat.

Next...Parent Education
Classes and perhaps, Pregnancy Yoga!

Monday, February 2

Appointment Update: 11 weeks

Today was our 11 week appointment, and our second visit to the doctor, third if you count the pre-conception appoinment where we met our doctor and got my prenatal vitamin presciption.

If you know my husband (who will be called Charm City Daddy or CCD on future reference), then you know how he makes everything much more fun and adventurous and trips to the doctor are no exception.

When possible I try to schedule our dental and vision appointments at the same time because like a kid, CCD says and does the "darnest things."

At my first OB appt CCD asked all the nurses questions about the diagrams on the wall charting fetus growth (which one is our baby, how long? when? why?), weighed himself on the scale, walked around the hallway talked to doctors and nurses between patients---all while I was simply getting my blood pressure checked!

My doctors specializes in twins and so naturally one of her patients was in the office yesterday for her appointment. The very pregnant patient walks by the room that we are in--CCD spots her----and with huge eyes he asks me if I saw her. I say "yes, babe" (giving him the look to please leave her alone).

Then one of the other dad-to-be's in the waiting room unknowingly eggs CCD on by telling him that our Doc specializes in twins. Well, little did he know that this volunteered information set CCD right up to dash out of the room, corner the lady innocently walking by to ask her "Excuse me, are you having twins?" I call after him "no!" But it's too late.

Luckily the woman WAS expecting twins and took it well when my husband said, " wow, I thought so, because your belly is big!" Everyone is now laughing again at my husband and his antics.

I wish it stopped there. CCD then proceded to press my doctor during the appointment to tell us the gender of our 11 week old fetus. He would not take no for an answer until she told him the baby had not fully developed those parts yet--and he STILL seemed skeptical. Thoroughly disappointed and defeated like a little boy just told he couldn't take a lollipop home from the bank, he vowed to not return to the OB visits until he could be told if we are having a boy or girl.

By the way---he REALLY wants a boy. lol.

Oh and one more thing...Charm City Daddy did get to hear Charm City Baby's heart beat for the first time today! His reaction as I recall was "Is that it? Are you serious? Is that really it? That is amazing!"

It really was amazing. Never gets old.

Sunday, February 1

Baby's First Picture!

At 7 weeks, Charm City Baby took its first picture...and here it is!

See our little blob still attached to the wall on the left? The sonographer said the circle on right was a yolk sac.

At the appt. I was able to see and hear the baby's heart beat. I gotta a little choked up..unexpectedly.

This blurry little picture really put our new responsibility in perspective for us.

It also made us want to see MORE! In due time, I guess....

The Time Has Come...

The time has come for a blog of my very own!

I am a avid blog reader and have always looked forward to the day when I could share some of my thoughts, ideas, and interests with others in my own space.

With the recent news that our first baby is on the way, now seems like the perfect time to get started.

This blog will be my best attempt to chronicle my journey to motherhood (as well as my best observations of my husband's journey to fatherhood) as crazy and comical as it may be.

It is also my intent to use this blog to keep my family and friends up-to-date about the little brown baby coming to Charm City! Yay!

Check back often or be sure to subscribe to get the most recent posts.