Wednesday, May 26

English is her Second Language

This weekend we figured out why Olivia doesn't mind us parental units; She doesn't speak English--but rather, Spanish.

demonstrating "naricita" and in CONSTANT motion

If you tell her "Asusta La" (or frighten/scare us) she will "groooooowl" at you.

If you tell her "naricita" (your nose) she will scrunch it up like something stinks and push air out.

And of course "bravo" or "yay" gets you applause.

The bottle is only identifiable as "leche" despite my lobbying for "bah bah?" she just looks at me with a confused expression like " um no silly, that is leche." Leche gets vocal response.

My questions is what do we tell her when she is squirming uncontrollably on the changing table?
 She has become impossible to change! The only thing that distracts her is playing with a clean Pamper--she loves the way they smell! lol.

Today she did something really really cute that I've been trying to teach her for months. When she drops something I always say "Uh Oh!" And today she repeated after me and said "Ah Whoaw!" Then of course I took a placemat and dropped it like 6 more times to hear her little voice do it again and again. SO CUTE!! She's pretty good at mimicking tones too even if her lips and tongue can't form the words properly.

Tuesday, May 25

She fell... the bed and landed on that cute little nose--rug burn! And I feel terrible.

Allow me to explain.

We were in Boston last weekend accompanying daddy on a trip and just hanging out in the hotel room. Miss O has taken a liking to standing up and balancing on her own--particularly on the cushy bed. Everytime she did it in the hotel, she realized she could see her reflection in the dresser mirror across from the bed--an extra incentive to stand up over and over and scream with joy.  This went on all weekend.

Well, while I was packing us up, sitting on the edge of the bed she was using me to stand up again and would fall to either side of me. Quick reflexes allowed me to catch her twice, but third time was the charm. Shoot! She cried and cried. Then stopped. Saw her reflection in the mirror and cried some more. Poor baby. Minutes later it was as if it never happened of course.  In no time, she was back to attempting to stand up and even nose dive off the side of the bed.

Baby skin never ceases to amaze me by the way. It's healing so rapidly. Amazing. I am still slathering on tons of cocoa butter as Charm City Daddy shakes his head at me every time he sees Olivia and says "there go your chances of being Miss America!" He's just relieved it didn't happen on his watch.

Luckily she still loves me.

Oh and here's some kharma: for the first time EVER I was burned by an eyebrow waxing yesterday (I usually tweeze or thread) and now I have two nice little scars above my lids. So, we're both sportin' cocoa butter on the face.

Tuesday, May 18

Sleepy Cheeks

This baby never misses a nap on the weekends--even if we keep her rolling along with us--she gives us signals or just passes out in place. I just don't understand why the nanny doesn't regularly get more than one daily nap out of her--well yes I do--she's a softy and can't let her whine/talk herself to sleep.

Last weekend she fell asleep in daddy's lap while he was taking a break from grill duty.  He LOVED it.  And so did I.

Nine Months Ago...

I had a baby--that I carried for 9 months! It's hard to believe that Olivia has been in this world just as long as it took for her cook. Nine months of pregnancy goes by very quickly, and 9 months of baby growth and development seems even faster.
Making her rounds around the coffee table. 
Charm City Baby is learning new things everyday and nothing is more gratifying than watching her gears turn in her little head, react to something she likes/dislikes, or master a new skill. I am particularly loving the applause and screams when I arrive home from work. Here's what we're enjoying in her 9th month of life:
  • fake laughing, high pitch screams, different variations of "the growl" with new facial expressions. An affinity to explosive and crashing sounds--especially when preceded by a long whistle and results in rocking or shaking her body upon impact (our little daredevil). Dancing (aka hand raising/knee dipping) and singing--or even better singing while dancing. Crawling side saddle. Pulling up and circling the coffee table (over and over again) while using it to keep her balance. Clapping and saying "yaaaayy."Her newest made-up word "geedle, geedle, geedle." Calling daddy "dada, dada." Calling food "mamamamama."No teeth yet, but eating Gerber puffs like a pro with her little fingers. Loving the smell of clean diapers--smashing it to her face and taking dramatic whiffs! Hating getting her diaper changed. Still sleeping through the night and even putting herself back to sleep if she wakes up. Still using a pacifier to get to sleep, but not much else. Too twisty, squirmy, and nosey to sit on my hip or in my arms normally for any amount of time. Loving flashcards and board books--real books take too long. A great napper for mommy--but the nanny is a pushover.  (okay, okay this list is growing and getting ridiculous each month. I get it. Yet, I can't stop.)
  •  And here are the 9-month stats:
    • Height/Length: 28.5 inches (75th percentile)
    • Weight: 21 lbs (between 75th and 90th percentile)
    • Head Circumference: 44 cm (between 25th and 50th percentile)
    • Clothing size: 12 months

Thursday, May 13

She Loves the Camera...Strap

While O was sick, I gave her a break and didn't pull out the camera much in the last couple of weeks, but when I did this morning I was reminded how much my little girl loves to give me so many different poses and facial expressions as she lunges for the camera...strap.

I thought I could distract her with my belts and scarves...nope. Here she comes!

New trick: She claps while saying "yaaaaaay!"

Wednesday, May 12

Letter to Ann Taylor

Sanity Fair's Letter to Ann Taylor had me cracking up today. I could not agree more. Ann Taylor has gone from bore to score...snooze to schmooze...okay, okay I'll stop. Basically it's much better now.

Monday, May 10

I tweeted!!!

I'm here to listen aka "follow." What will break my silence?

Sunday, May 9

A Mother's Wisdom...

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mommies and mothers-to-be. Special shout out to my mama or "ma-muh" as I called her growing up. I can think of no better example of a woman who balanced marriage, motherhood, home, and career so beautifully. Mom when you're not even trying you are a constant source of inspiration---and comedy. ;)

 I know you are going to hate this pic mom, b/c of the gray hair!

Just a few things I learned from you:
  • A good paint job can make any and everything seem brand new.
  • Look for good workmanship and quality in everything. 
  • Wine should be sipped and savored--and rieslings are the best.
  • No one takes care of your stuff as well as you do.
  • Neat is not clean.
  • TJ Maxx is "hard shopping."
  • "I hate Sears!"
  • Only buy your gas on Post...and your groceries at the Commissary no matter how far away you live.
  • Never shop without a coupon, and if you forget ask the sales associate if they have a spare.
  • Never leave a dressing room or store shelf a mess. 
  • Stand up for yourself..."Let me speak to your manager!"
  • "You don't need to wear makeup everyday--let your skin breathe, but always keep your eyebrows tweezed." 
  • Moms do it all--housework, yardwork, handywork, whatever needs to be done.
And my personal favorite:
  • A well-equipped kitchen is a necessity--but cooking is optional.
straight from mom's kitchen!

I am so lucky to live close to you. You help me keep it all together and in order (my secret weapon!) . I love you---- "right we best friends?"

Sunday, May 2

Rocker & Republican

Just came across this necklace.
Not sure where I would wear it, but I like it--all by itself--without the matching bracelet--which may actually be too much of a good thing.

And who are we kidding--necklaces are mere mommy choke chains these days to my little discovering baby. If I'm not being strangled by my own necklace, it is in Olivia's mouth and I REFUSE to wear one of those mommy necklaces. Olivia actually reached for one at the counter while out shopping last week, and I looked her in the eye and said, "sorry kiddo. mama ain't wearin' that. lovely, but not my style."

Also LOVE these earrings, when I first saw them in Elle last month. Seeing them reminded me of this very amusing blog. They are the perfect earrings for a PR pro like moi, yes? But again, would I wear them on the job? I'd have to go around telling everyone all day, "don't quote me on that." (bah dum dum) I know. bad joke. Anyway, very talented designer that Tom Binns.

*photo courtesy of shop bop.