Tuesday, May 25

She fell...

 ...off the bed and landed on that cute little nose--rug burn! And I feel terrible.

Allow me to explain.

We were in Boston last weekend accompanying daddy on a trip and just hanging out in the hotel room. Miss O has taken a liking to standing up and balancing on her own--particularly on the cushy bed. Everytime she did it in the hotel, she realized she could see her reflection in the dresser mirror across from the bed--an extra incentive to stand up over and over and scream with joy.  This went on all weekend.

Well, while I was packing us up, sitting on the edge of the bed she was using me to stand up again and would fall to either side of me. Quick reflexes allowed me to catch her twice, but third time was the charm. Shoot! She cried and cried. Then stopped. Saw her reflection in the mirror and cried some more. Poor baby. Minutes later it was as if it never happened of course.  In no time, she was back to attempting to stand up and even nose dive off the side of the bed.

Baby skin never ceases to amaze me by the way. It's healing so rapidly. Amazing. I am still slathering on tons of cocoa butter as Charm City Daddy shakes his head at me every time he sees Olivia and says "there go your chances of being Miss America!" He's just relieved it didn't happen on his watch.

Luckily she still loves me.

Oh and here's some kharma: for the first time EVER I was burned by an eyebrow waxing yesterday (I usually tweeze or thread) and now I have two nice little scars above my lids. So, we're both sportin' cocoa butter on the face.

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