Sunday, May 2

Rocker & Republican

Just came across this necklace.
Not sure where I would wear it, but I like it--all by itself--without the matching bracelet--which may actually be too much of a good thing.

And who are we kidding--necklaces are mere mommy choke chains these days to my little discovering baby. If I'm not being strangled by my own necklace, it is in Olivia's mouth and I REFUSE to wear one of those mommy necklaces. Olivia actually reached for one at the counter while out shopping last week, and I looked her in the eye and said, "sorry kiddo. mama ain't wearin' that. lovely, but not my style."

Also LOVE these earrings, when I first saw them in Elle last month. Seeing them reminded me of this very amusing blog. They are the perfect earrings for a PR pro like moi, yes? But again, would I wear them on the job? I'd have to go around telling everyone all day, "don't quote me on that." (bah dum dum) I know. bad joke. Anyway, very talented designer that Tom Binns.

*photo courtesy of shop bop.

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