Tuesday, May 18

Nine Months Ago...

I had a baby--that I carried for 9 months! It's hard to believe that Olivia has been in this world just as long as it took for her cook. Nine months of pregnancy goes by very quickly, and 9 months of baby growth and development seems even faster.
Making her rounds around the coffee table. 
Charm City Baby is learning new things everyday and nothing is more gratifying than watching her gears turn in her little head, react to something she likes/dislikes, or master a new skill. I am particularly loving the applause and screams when I arrive home from work. Here's what we're enjoying in her 9th month of life:
  • fake laughing, high pitch screams, different variations of "the growl" with new facial expressions. An affinity to explosive and crashing sounds--especially when preceded by a long whistle and results in rocking or shaking her body upon impact (our little daredevil). Dancing (aka hand raising/knee dipping) and singing--or even better singing while dancing. Crawling side saddle. Pulling up and circling the coffee table (over and over again) while using it to keep her balance. Clapping and saying "yaaaayy."Her newest made-up word "geedle, geedle, geedle." Calling daddy "dada, dada." Calling food "mamamamama."No teeth yet, but eating Gerber puffs like a pro with her little fingers. Loving the smell of clean diapers--smashing it to her face and taking dramatic whiffs! Hating getting her diaper changed. Still sleeping through the night and even putting herself back to sleep if she wakes up. Still using a pacifier to get to sleep, but not much else. Too twisty, squirmy, and nosey to sit on my hip or in my arms normally for any amount of time. Loving flashcards and board books--real books take too long. A great napper for mommy--but the nanny is a pushover.  (okay, okay this list is growing and getting ridiculous each month. I get it. Yet, I can't stop.)
  •  And here are the 9-month stats:
    • Height/Length: 28.5 inches (75th percentile)
    • Weight: 21 lbs (between 75th and 90th percentile)
    • Head Circumference: 44 cm (between 25th and 50th percentile)
    • Clothing size: 12 months

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