Sunday, May 9

A Mother's Wisdom...

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mommies and mothers-to-be. Special shout out to my mama or "ma-muh" as I called her growing up. I can think of no better example of a woman who balanced marriage, motherhood, home, and career so beautifully. Mom when you're not even trying you are a constant source of inspiration---and comedy. ;)

 I know you are going to hate this pic mom, b/c of the gray hair!

Just a few things I learned from you:
  • A good paint job can make any and everything seem brand new.
  • Look for good workmanship and quality in everything. 
  • Wine should be sipped and savored--and rieslings are the best.
  • No one takes care of your stuff as well as you do.
  • Neat is not clean.
  • TJ Maxx is "hard shopping."
  • "I hate Sears!"
  • Only buy your gas on Post...and your groceries at the Commissary no matter how far away you live.
  • Never shop without a coupon, and if you forget ask the sales associate if they have a spare.
  • Never leave a dressing room or store shelf a mess. 
  • Stand up for yourself..."Let me speak to your manager!"
  • "You don't need to wear makeup everyday--let your skin breathe, but always keep your eyebrows tweezed." 
  • Moms do it all--housework, yardwork, handywork, whatever needs to be done.
And my personal favorite:
  • A well-equipped kitchen is a necessity--but cooking is optional.
straight from mom's kitchen!

I am so lucky to live close to you. You help me keep it all together and in order (my secret weapon!) . I love you---- "right we best friends?"


  1. Still am loving your blog....Your mom sounds like a gem. Happy belated Mother's Day to you & her. Have a great week!