Wednesday, May 26

English is her Second Language

This weekend we figured out why Olivia doesn't mind us parental units; She doesn't speak English--but rather, Spanish.

demonstrating "naricita" and in CONSTANT motion

If you tell her "Asusta La" (or frighten/scare us) she will "groooooowl" at you.

If you tell her "naricita" (your nose) she will scrunch it up like something stinks and push air out.

And of course "bravo" or "yay" gets you applause.

The bottle is only identifiable as "leche" despite my lobbying for "bah bah?" she just looks at me with a confused expression like " um no silly, that is leche." Leche gets vocal response.

My questions is what do we tell her when she is squirming uncontrollably on the changing table?
 She has become impossible to change! The only thing that distracts her is playing with a clean Pamper--she loves the way they smell! lol.

Today she did something really really cute that I've been trying to teach her for months. When she drops something I always say "Uh Oh!" And today she repeated after me and said "Ah Whoaw!" Then of course I took a placemat and dropped it like 6 more times to hear her little voice do it again and again. SO CUTE!! She's pretty good at mimicking tones too even if her lips and tongue can't form the words properly.

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