Tuesday, June 1

Birthdays and Bedrooms on the Brain

image care of TomKat Studio

With less than 80 days until Olivia's first birthday, I can't stop thinking about how we will celebrate this first year of her life.  Although she slept through most of it, we had a great time hosting her baby clambake--except for the wet weather.

Nonetheless I have visions of a smaller, intimate, detailed event for our closest friends and family (like less than 15 people, hopefully). I've been enjoying party inspiration and ideas from Kim at  TomKat Studio blog as well as Martha Stewart.

TANGENT: Speaking of Martha--I can't be the only working mama (or SAHM for that matter) with a love-hate relationship with Martha Stewart. Sometimes I feel like Martha's pure GENIUS---even when I know she has had masterminds like Eddie Ross  (and I love me some Eddie!!) working his creative magic behind the scenes.At other times, I can't believe that woman has built an empire teaching us things as simple as how to load a dishwasher!  Okay, I'm hatin'. Hateration over. Love those tissue paper poms, girrrrrl!

 another Tom Kat Studio image. Do you also wish you could hire her?

Also on my mind is Olivia's next bedroom. When we decided to start our family, the plan was to always keep the small bedroom by our master bedroom as the nursery. That's why I decorated it mostly gender neutral--so we could just rotate the babies through in keeping with Charm City Daddy's Grand Master Baby Manufacturing Plan to get me to birth FOUR babies. (sigh) Hey, one down...
Anyway, Olivia's 'toddler to tween' room is next on my plate and since her nursery was a bit bold and gender neutral I want to give the new room some softer, girly touches. And yes...more inspiration from Martha Stewart--DAMN her! 

both images care of Martha Stewart Living

 Stay tuned for another roller coaster ride of low-budget, piecemeal interior design a la Charm City Mama. I will post  the 'before' pictures soon of the room under attack for this project. This one should be interesting.

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