Thursday, June 17

A "Perfect Ten" Months

...except for those damn teeth coming in making bedtime...(sigh)...interesting. Other than that, it's been a PERFECT ten months my sweet little baby Olivia!
 When she's on a kissing rampage no one is safe.

 Olivia attacking kissing her cousin.

Dear Charm City Baby:

Despite the teething clingy behavior, you remain a stellar napper and sleeper and because of it you are growing out of control. You are TALL and strong and love food--table food, and are showing little interest in your homemade baby food which we have to get creative with and add texture in order for you to even eat it. Your dancing often comes with singing--which we love. You have favorite songs, books (the ones where we act out sounds that you try to repeat), and know your bedtime routine to a tea. In fact, when your Grandma Helen (daddy's mama) came, you pretty much showed her what to do, and which books to read! You are walking  running with just a little balance-check help. You LOVE Buckley, our dog. You two have a great relationship. You crawl to him get hand and face kisses and even give his snout a few squeezes, tugs, and punches and he just accepts it. You are so lucky you have such a sweet black lab for a pet. One of our favorite past times is watching you attack and rumble tumble wrestle your giant pink teddy bear. You are a tough little girl--a real bruiser! Your daddy and I joke that if you have a little brother someday, you will probably be the tough one fighting his schoolyard fights for him. Your mother is actually afraid to handle you all by herself in church. You are mastering more milestones that I can list here. You throw tantrums because you understand what is going on and the word "no." Despite our differences over the changing table and sometimes getting your hair braided, our bond (mommy and baby) is stronger than ever. Love you girl! 

O's first swing with her now "signature" scrunchie nose.

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