Tuesday, June 15

Recommended Reading: Prudent Baby

Two weeks ago I discovered a blog that I am convinced is written just for me as I reenter my design phase (it comes and goes). Mommies of the world, Prudent Baby is the shizz-nit.  It contains all kinds of DIY craftiness--and not junk and crap you'll hate in 2 months--stuff you can actually use/gift.

For example: one of the categories across the top menu bar is "Hot Mess Mommy" which includes a list of tips to spruce yourself up as well as DIY accessories you can craft yourself.

Last year, when I spent nearly $40 on a nursing cover from Nordstrom and my mom saw it she nearly had a fit. She said "That is so EASY! Why didnt I think of that?! I could be a millionaire!" And she is right. Prudent Baby teaches you how to make same nursing cover in a designer fabric of your choice (always my problem--hated the fabrics selections) AND for a fraction of the price. BAM! There it is...

Reading Prudent Baby is kind of like watching the Food Network for me. I know I'll never make it, but I really appreciate seeing how it is done and maybe....just maybe...one distant day I will muster up the ambition (and time) to do it. It also takes me back to my childhood summer breaks--when I first realized I loved The Home Show and all it represented. Remember that show? It came on before the soaps. At the ripe old age of 8, I never missed it--until it was canceled.

Crafts are always more fun in groups. I keep dreaming of the idea of teaching a baby/mommy-related craft to the mommies at Olivia's 1st year birthday party---which I have been slacking on planning (yep). 

Anyway---check out Prudent Baby for yourself and get inspired to do something---eventually.

*Also, I must say this is totally unsolicited--the folks over at PB (Jacinda and Jaime?) don't know me from Adam---or Eve. This post could please them--or totally freak them out...I'm okay with either occurrence.


  1. I completely agree with you in that Prudent Baby is A-A-AWESOME!!! :) And I love reading all the new emails, the link love, project round up...aahh...truly amazing!

  2. Are you kidding?!? We LOVE the LOVE! Glad you are enjoying the site. And um, how cute is your lil girl? SO cute!