Thursday, June 3

More Design Inspiration

Every morning before I head to the office, for a few seconds I stop in the doorway of what will be Olivia's new 'toddler to tween' room and stare into it thinking about what I will do and how I'll arrange the furniture.

One thing is for sure, I don't like to go overboard matching colors and repeating them a gazillion times in the room. I think it starts looking too "bed-in-a-bag" like I whipped out the matching curtains, throw pillows and bedskirt and shazam! Don't get me wrong, in a time/budget crunch, I love me some bed-in-a-bag, and I've found some great ones at Home Goods! But anyhoo, I want to take some time and try to mix things up in O's new room--although it will be hard as I have yards and yards of a particular fabric I will tell you about later.

Here is some inspiration I dig. And, I forget where I got them from...I think they are HB 2008. 

These rooms are more on the tween rather than toddler side, but  I'm liking the bold contrasts with the use of pinks--although I'd like to go a tad softer.

Stay tuned..more to come.

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