Monday, January 23

Solitary Snow...

It really only snowed with a little accumulation once this year. Atypical for Maryland but then again the very definition of Maryland weather is "atypical."

Little-to-no snow didn't keep us from having s'mores about 432 times starting in October and well into March!

Tuesday, January 17

January - Celebrating "The King"

Aside from something charitable, we started a new educational tradition this year with the kids to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King.

We took the short (but long when you're 2 with a 2 year old bladder) road trip to D.C. will go on record as THE COLDEST day of the year (and in my memory) other than the day of Obama's Inauguration (UNREAL--and I didn't even leave the house).

We had a great time...MLK, Lincoln, and Vietnam memorials, and finally National Harbor--for lunch and kiddie crafts.

I love this one. Had no idea what I was capturing at the time.
These kiddies never once cried or complained about the cold.