Sunday, June 27

Back from the Beach

We're back from one of our longest most relaxing vacations since our honeymoon. Before this we always did long weekends here and there--but this time we did a whole 10 days! Best of all---our family (my parents and siblings) shared in the fun!

Bro-in-Law, My preggo Sis, Niece, Moi, Mom, Olivia, Husband, Big Bro, Niece, Lil Bro. Dad? watching TV!

We stayed at a friend's fantastic Delaware beach house in a private community with a private beach. There was plenty of room. It was comfortable and family-friendly (complete with a kids room, beach toys, outdoor shower, etc) and I hope we get invited BACK! After hearing the rave reviews about how clean we left it--I'm thinking we have a good chance.

Anyway, our whole time there my mom and I were whining dreaming about how much we needed wanted our own beach house--basically because we want a place to decorate relax. Hehe. NOT joking. My mom and I went to HomeGoods today and literally picked out things for our imaginary beach home. It hurt so badly to leave them behind. 

I could go on and on about the funny family stories at the beach, but I'm afraid you wouldn't find them funny at all. SO here is Miss Olivia--aka the sand eater! She must have consumed at least a half gallon of salt water and sand! She was terrified of the waves but loved digging with her shovel and bucket of water (which she kept trying to dunk her own head in).

Just when my OCD couldn't take any more sand, we returned home and resumed the fun at Grandma's house in the good, clean, tap water-filled kiddie pool.
Notice my niece propping up Olivia's face to keep her from planting her face in the water.

Remember my Windy City niece in the pic above from my visit to Chicago last spring? I am always amazed at how big she gets every time I see her. Also notice Olivia's bikini!? Daddy is anti-bikini (as he should be) but I assured him it's now and never again until she's 18.

Stay tuned...more posts coming on the toddler/tween room AND baby development!

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