Thursday, April 29


Are you Twitter-Shy? I am.

I've been on Twitter just about as long as I've been on Facebook--and while I have no problem posting my status on Facebook every now and then (definitely not all the time), there is something about the WIDE OPEN nature of Twitter, that makes me hesitant to post there. So I privately "secure" all of my tweets (although I haven't tweeted even ONCE) and you have to ask permission to follow me (@charmcityliving, btw), but I'm pretty permissive as long as you're not a spam artist--LOTS of those out there.

So since I don't tweet on Twitter, I really just use it to do my stalking of celebrities, news, magazines, favorite bloggers, designers, stores,etc. I also follow tweets from my workplace which is pretty handy. I guess you could say that I use Twitter for my own real-time listening pleasure.

I love how direct it is, too--if you're not Twitter-shy, that is. If I had the guts wanted to I could just direct message or tweet folks like Bravo Producer Andy Cohen ( @bravoandy ) my opinion of the Real Housewives during one of his late night Watch What Happens shows--and he would ACTUALLY see it--and perhaps RESPOND!? How cool is that? For that reason and many others--I find Twitter invaluable. Now, I'm not stupid. Obviously, some stars and prominent folks have people to Twitter for them ( I even Tweet on my own boss' behalf occasionally--OOPS did I ruin Christmas?), but there is something neat about the authenticity of tweets from the actual person.Charm City Daddy has had much success in using Twitter to banter with prominent folks in politics and finance. You have to love the access that the information and technology age affords us.

Also--I find it VERY informative. I follow a NY Times reporter who often has the inside on TV and techie stuff. I also recently learned about Fashion Bay through someone's tweet. Have you heard about it? Is this a hoax? It seems too good to be true. Please let me know.

Anyway, back on topic. Do you Twitter? Who do you follow?

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  1. Um...I follow twitter something already would ya!! We can practice together!!