Saturday, April 10

Worn Out

Whoah, I am so pooped. I do NOT know how stay-at-home moms (or single moms) do it! My weekends wear me out. Actually Olivia wears me out.

I remember life before kids when my Saturdays used to fly by. Back then by the time I crawled out of bed, tidied up the house it was time to prep for dinner or evening plans. But today? Today was NOTHING like that. Plus Charm City Daddy was out of town.

I was up at 6:30 a.m. with Miss O who was sitting up perfectly in her crib and pooled all of her buddy blankets and lullaby musical toys in the center of her bed to beat them to a pulp. When I made my entrance I got the usual squeal and laugh---not to mention pee-soaked pajamas.

SIDE BAR ON THE WEE WEE: "Heavy wetter" doesn't even BEGIN to describe her situation folks. I have tried it all including every combination of diaper that exists and giving her few ounces in her bedtime bottle and we still have bed wetting at least 3-4 nights a week. We have settled with the Pampers 12-hour Baby Dry overnight diapers--but they can't even contain Miss Olivia's bladder.  Her bladder must be as big as her stomach. Experienced moms feel free to leave advice.

Oh yeah--and she started pulling up this week! This is a pic of her pulling up after the wee wee jammies come off in the morning.

After breakfast (and a tall cup of coffee), I wrestled her to take out the 15 trillion braids I put into her hair this week (after telling the nanny that water is NEVER to touch her hair. Face yes, hair no. Hello? That's just inviting tight little bee bee naps!) She fought, squirmed, cried, and so I gave up and the decided it was time for a stroll (which makes her fall asleep). So, I slapped a hat on her fro and huffed it around the hood (with a tall travel mug full of coffee) for a full HOUR. I was hoping she would stay asleep until I got back to the house, but a lawnmower woke her up on the homestretch! By the time I got home it was only 10 a.m.! Really microwave clock? Really?

I survived the rest of the day by putting her little tail in the walker in our bedroom and tied various distracting objects to dresser handles and door knobs around the room. At one point I was spread eagle across the bed with one eye open and she was having a very lively conversation with the clothes hamper and later repeatedly thumbing one of the dresser drop handles (CLANK CLANK CLANK) with pure and utter joy.

I remember looking at the clock at 3:45 p.m. and thinking THREE LONG HOURS UNTIL BEDTIME?!?

At 4:30 she had her dinner after we walked to the ice cream shop (for heavenly Toffee Caramel Swirl!). On that walk I discovered her 20-pound butt is too heavy and too big for the Baby Bjorn unless I am interested in throwing my back out. A dad at the ice cream shop saw me struggling and recommended another model with more suitable back support available. Thanks guy.

By 5:30 she was very fussy, irritable, wouldn't let me put her down and I think we had an argument in baby talk. I took her temperature because this baby had to be sick. Nope. Just fine. Just spoiled ROTTEN.

I honestly don't remember what we did between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. when I started drawing her bath  and sadly that was just 5 hours ago! Ha! I do remember some intensive staring was involved, and I was sprawled out again--this time head on glider seat and butt on ottoman--and I think she was in the crib standing up (holding the rail) laughing at me.

I DO remember that I promptly put her to bed at 7:15 p.m. and wished all of the neighborhood kids playing outside would sssshhhuush up!

Through all of that I did coax her to take 2 naps today in addition to the one she had during the morning stroll. I managed to clean out and reorganize my closet during one nap. ALL maternity and nursing clothes have been removed and retired--for now.

When Charm City Daddy arrived home tonight, I told him we have a monster on our hands. 
I can only imagine how she will behave tomorrow during church service. Luckily we have a very LOUD service and congregation. I had to leave Easter service three times because she wanted to sing louder than everyone, shout during the moment of silence, and refuse to nap even though she was tired--oh and empty the contents of the diaper bag on the floor.

SAHMs of the world, I salute you. Please excuse me while I go collapse.


  1. Bless you! She sounds too cute for words ;)

  2. Love your blog! Your little Olivia sounds like she has such a fun, spunky personality!

    I work at Pampers and I'm sorry to see the Baby Dry diapers are losing the battle with her overnight! You might want to try a larger size diaper on Olivia for nighttime use. The larger size diapers have more absorbency in them and I know this has helped other moms in the past (myself included.)

    Thanks for the great reading. It really brought a smile to my face.

  3. Wow, glad you enjoyed the blog Pattie@Pampers--thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate the advice, particularly because it comes from an experienced mom. Please come back and "visit" us.