Monday, April 26

Sicky Poo

This little one woke up Sunday morning with her first cold.

She has severe nasal congestion which leaves her panting like a dog as she can only breathe through her mouth--interrupting her sleep at least once each night. Taking bottles are also difficult. She has watery eyes and snot is everywhere!

We are running from room to room following our poor child with nasal spray, nasal aspirator bulbs, Boogie wipes, and Q-tips. Olivia is highly annoyed by her parents but happy otherwise!She squirms whines and turns her face aways the second we pick up any of those items. Poor baby. We're doing the humidifier, hot baths, and even Vick's waterless vaporizer. I'm a such a first time parent. Overboard?

There is so much snot though...and it's smeared all over the place and pouring out (you like that visual?). I keep trying to make her do her nose trick where she scrunches up her nose and does short quick pushes of air out of her nose, but she won't do it. I even made a special run to Babies R Us this morning for this batter powered nasal aspirator. It's okaaaay, but she hates it too--even with the distracting music.

Then I remembered the snot sucker from another blog I follow. It will arrive via overnight shipping tomorrow and will hopefully give my baby girl some relief.  I will let you know!

UPDATE: The Nosefrida arrived and WORKS WONDERS! I highly, highly recommend it!


  1. Frank loves our Nosefrida (They sell them at whole foods) just FYI. Since Franklin is on his 6th cold (hello, daycare) I feel like we're a pro at this by now - the vicks baby rub seems to help too. I also use a little lanisoh or aquaphor on the end of his nose so it doesn't get irritated. Hope your sweet baby feels better soon!

  2. I can’t imagine using the type you have to suction with your mouth, and I can’t stand the bulb that has who knows how much old mucous still inside, and no way to clean it out.
    After fighting with the bulb my then 4 month old daughter, I went on a hunt to find something better. I stumbled onto the CLEANOZ ( ) and it works wonders. My fear with the bulb was that it went too far up into the nasal cavity, the CLEANOZ product comes with disposable nose tips that fit perfectly my baby's nostril. I can quickly suction her nose. Since my daughter is in daycare, she is either always congested or has a runny/stuffy nose; this aspirator gets the job done quickly and harmlessly. Cleanoz works best when you also use Cleanoz saline preservative free nasal spray/drops to loosen up the mucus. It sucks all that yucky stuff out.

  3. Thanks Catherine. I wish I would've know the Nosefrida was at Whole Foods. I never think to go there for anything but the salad bar. ;) We're doing the Vicks rub too.

    Rose, I saw the refills for the CleanOz tips at my BRU but the aspirator itself was not in stock.

    Thanks for the help ladies! I really appreciate it. This is ruining everyone's sleep.