Sunday, April 18

Eight Months Old

Drooling (teething). Kissing (aka grabbing ears and gumming cheeks). Pulling Up. Rocking on all fours, but still not crawling. Talking in the stroller. Saying Dahdada to Daddy and Babababa to Mommy. Loving any musical toy you have especially your Mozart Magic Cube, and singing along with it. Never meeting a stranger. Smiling and Reaching for anyone that talks to you. Twirling your hair with your left hand while taking a bottle. Laughing at and loving Scout everytime he says your name. Chunky and tough wearing size 12 months clothing and your fat feet busting out of size 2 shoes. Great sleeper and eater! Focused. Fun!


  1. She's getting so big!! She is ADORABLE!!! PS...can you get the pampers lady to give me a discout or some free pampers...I could TOTALLY use them!! ;)

  2. I just recently found your blog via Darby's. Your daughter could possibly be the cutest, most photogenic baby ever! :o) She looks so happy. I love the posts I have read...she must keep you busy! Have a good week!

  3. Katie, thank you for stopping by! She IS a very happy baby--and is mesmerized by the camera flash (makes her squeal with delight) and the strap. Most of the time she is reaching for those things when I pull the camera out.