Sunday, February 8

I had a birthday...

I'm 28!

I had a birthday Friday, and as my sister reminded me--one of my first sober ones in a while. Thanks sis. Gave me an idea for a future post, though---my growing list of prego cocktails!

Although it was a "birthday weekend," I spent most of it preparing for a 10-person dinner party that Charm City Daddy and I planned for this Monday.

We love getting friends together for "dinner and dialogue" as we call it, but we always always always do the planning backwards!

First, it must be said that CCD really started this whole thing. Come to think of it, it's always his idea. He conjured up the scenario--found a vegetarian caterer and left all of the nitty gritty details to me. Thanks Babe!

So in a matter of 2 weeks--(who are we kidding) this weekend--I did the following:

-pulled together everyone's calendars,
-sent out invites,
-ordered 4 additional dining chairs (that were discontinued and came from 3 different locations around the country),
-picked up sticks and leaves in the yard that have been buried under snow,
-cleaned and declutterd CCD's home office,
-counted stemware (bought more) and flatware,
-washed all the china, flatware, and stemware(ok--I threw it in dishwasher),
-ordered and hung new drapes for three rooms,
-prepared all of the table linen,
-polished my silver,
-ordered fresh flower arrangements,
-made countless runs to 5 different stores,
-obsessed over seating assignments,
-let my mom obsess over "pre-cleaning" my house before the maid comes Monday morning.

To CCD's credit--He drove me to all of the stores. He arranged for some minor plaster repair work to be done around the house that hadn't been done since we had A/C installed in November. CCD also had the same guy redo CCD's bad paint job in the guest powder room. Bless his heart. CCD knows he is not a handy man. He is ,however, a whiz with numbers and fantastic at hiring the right people and getting them to a reasonable price. THAT is extremely useful.

CCD also carved out time for us on Friday to do dinner and a movie (He's Just Not That Into You)--which we both enjoyed.

We are a good team. Although I am exhausted and spent most of my weekend staring at a set dining room table over and over again--I wouldn't have it any other way. And hey, I don't have to cook! Thank you LORD! My guests would thank You too if they knew any better.

Plus, everytime I get tired I think--what would my mom or Candy (super hostess and supportive wife of Dr. Ben Carson) do? And the answer is---have a kick ass, comfortable event that looks effortless. So that's what we will have. :)

I only wish I could have ONE glass of reisling for relaxation. Ahh due time.

Happy Birthday to me.

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