Thursday, February 26

I "heart" purses...

I have always loved purses.

In fact, my mom will tell you that I even carried them around when I was 2 or 3 years old. Although back then I thought purses were to be carried on your bicep when your arm is flexed upward like a muscle man with your fist in the air.

When I see another woman, I'm more likely to look at her purse--not her shoes. I can't help it. It is very telling. You should try it sometime.

The older I get, the more attached I get to my purses--and thus the pickier I get.

My purse purchases today have to meet several criteria:

1. Versatility with multiple looks (casual, professional, dressy).
2. Neutral (goes with most outfits--but doesn't have to match my shoes).
3. Superb Quality & Craftmanship (patterns line up, great materials, lining, pockets, feet)
4. Durable (usually leather or some other durable fabric)
5. Functional (size, shoulder vs. handbag, closures)
6. Classic (not too trendy)

In addition to all of these things, it should be pleasing to the eye, something I can live with for a long time, and not too too flashy of its maker or brand.

Because all of this goes into my purse "investments" I usually only make one purse purchase a year to keep things under control.

A few years ago, Charm City Daddy was nice enough to indulge me in my all-time favorite purse--my black leather Gucci Hobo seen here.

I love this purse for many reasons--one being no one knows its Gucci unless they are familiar with the trademark horsebit buckle--or see the striped lining (which makes finding buried things so much easier).

Last year, after much studying, testing, lifting, visiting I settled on this "edgy" but classic beauty, from Burberry. It's a handbang that celebrates my ode to having free hands, with no kids-in-tow! It's big too--a great airport carry-on.

But now, it's time for me to turn to something more mom "practical." And this is what I've had my eye on (for months)...The Burberry Check Lowry Bag--a shoulder bag that can go cross body.

I really like. You like? Mommies (and fashionistas) of the world, what do you think?

Oh and if you think this purse obsession is bad, wait until you see my diaper bag selection. :)

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