Sunday, February 22

Mom Jeans...

After dinner with a few of my girlfriends last night, we all took a short stroll to check out some maternity clothes.

I tried to keep an open mind as they all reassured me that maternity clothes have improved and perhaps it would be better if I just tried a few things on.
As we passed by JCrew, I was reminded that my favorite store's spring line DOES NOT carry maternity clothes and although I know this little blessing is only temporary, I had to really calm and reassure myself, that I WILL have JCrew FALL 2009 to look forward to! To quote my favorite movie, The Color Purple, "Nothing but death can keep me from it!" (you have to know me and that movie very well to get that joke...)

Okay--deep breath.

So, as expected I was unimpressed with how little Motherhood Maternity has changed since the days when I used to work for the company in high school. Bows on bellies, lavendar florals, mom jeans with big square button pockets in front--NO pockets in the back--yuck!

As Sarah Palin would say, "Thanks, but no thanks."

On the bright side, I have seen plenty of things I like online at Nordstrom, Old Navy, the Gap, even Pea In the Pod--a sister company to Mimi and Motherhood Maternity (what the f-?), but unfortunately sizing these items up online is a gamble.

Here are a few things I liked, that I will need sooner rather than later:
A staple pair of skinny jeans to replace my pre-pregnancy ones.. (Precious Skinny Jeans $108)

Comfy leggings--my usual weekend wear... (Juicy Couture $78)

A nice pair of work slacks... (Olian Skinny Pant $62)

A basic shirt to top it all off...(Michael Stars $56)

And that's just what I saw at Nordstrom. There was much more, and many great designers to choose from. I am confident there will be plenty of time and things on which to spend money.

Charm City Daddy and I have a destination wedding in Jamaica in May, so naturally in addition to finding a nice dress, I am (so not) looking forward to finding the right maternity swimsuit--as I am sure I will want to take a dip while there.

CCD doesn't like the idea his prego lady in a swimsuit--as he thinks I will be (get this!) an object of desire for onlookers. HA! Hardly! But, let's let him continue to think so. ;)

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