Monday, February 2

Appointment Update: 11 weeks

Today was our 11 week appointment, and our second visit to the doctor, third if you count the pre-conception appoinment where we met our doctor and got my prenatal vitamin presciption.

If you know my husband (who will be called Charm City Daddy or CCD on future reference), then you know how he makes everything much more fun and adventurous and trips to the doctor are no exception.

When possible I try to schedule our dental and vision appointments at the same time because like a kid, CCD says and does the "darnest things."

At my first OB appt CCD asked all the nurses questions about the diagrams on the wall charting fetus growth (which one is our baby, how long? when? why?), weighed himself on the scale, walked around the hallway talked to doctors and nurses between patients---all while I was simply getting my blood pressure checked!

My doctors specializes in twins and so naturally one of her patients was in the office yesterday for her appointment. The very pregnant patient walks by the room that we are in--CCD spots her----and with huge eyes he asks me if I saw her. I say "yes, babe" (giving him the look to please leave her alone).

Then one of the other dad-to-be's in the waiting room unknowingly eggs CCD on by telling him that our Doc specializes in twins. Well, little did he know that this volunteered information set CCD right up to dash out of the room, corner the lady innocently walking by to ask her "Excuse me, are you having twins?" I call after him "no!" But it's too late.

Luckily the woman WAS expecting twins and took it well when my husband said, " wow, I thought so, because your belly is big!" Everyone is now laughing again at my husband and his antics.

I wish it stopped there. CCD then proceded to press my doctor during the appointment to tell us the gender of our 11 week old fetus. He would not take no for an answer until she told him the baby had not fully developed those parts yet--and he STILL seemed skeptical. Thoroughly disappointed and defeated like a little boy just told he couldn't take a lollipop home from the bank, he vowed to not return to the OB visits until he could be told if we are having a boy or girl.

By the way---he REALLY wants a boy. lol.

Oh and one more thing...Charm City Daddy did get to hear Charm City Baby's heart beat for the first time today! His reaction as I recall was "Is that it? Are you serious? Is that really it? That is amazing!"

It really was amazing. Never gets old.

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