Thursday, March 18

Lovely Ladies

Today was just lovely.  To celebrate the 70-degree weather, I wore one of my new Liberty of London dresses from Target.

Yes, I fell for the marketing scheme and now I own two of those floral patterned frocks that also match candles, flower pots, bicycles, pillows throughout the store. And no I had never heard of L.o.L. before the Target campaign. It is quite obnoxious as you walk around the store actually--but at the same time somehow magnetizing and a bit hypnotic.

At any rate, I got lots of compliments on the ensemble (which I paired with a cardigan and pearls) which according to Charm City Daddy made me look like a Stepford Wife (he was joking with love of course--and I had to agree). 

The best part of my day, however was when I arrived home and my little Olivia had on her own cute Target dress (size 18mos!) that I had bought for her before she was born. Here we are in our dresses...

 Of course if I had my way, she would also have a little Liberty of London in her collection but I couldn't find anything in her size! Her dress is bunched up on the bottom in this pic, so you can't see the cute little pockets, but you get the idea. I could just eat her up!

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