Thursday, February 24

Making Progress...

We're making progress on Olivia's toddler room. Although I have the plan set with a few deviations here and there---I am still running across inspiration pics that I love--like this one...

I have quite a bit of grosgrain ribbon I got in bulk to do some other things in the room, but wouldn't it be neat to trim the crown molding with it--the way this designer has used paint?

Hopefully I will have some progress on the room to show you after this weekend.  With what little my mom (thanks mama!) and I have done so far, Charm City Daddy walked in last weekend and said, "Whoah it's starting to feel different in here already. And it's really girly this time." I beamed with pride.

I think after a gender neutral nursery, O deserves a girly room. As soon as her room is all set, I can focus on refreshing the nursery for baby Lucas, removing O's photos and girly stuff, and moving his things in.


  1. LOVE it! I wish that was MY room! JSL could NEVER sleepover...she might get "I want this" ideas! LOL!

  2. Trust me, O's room looks nothing like this...not nearly as sophisticated, professional, or perfectly color matched----BUT it will have to do.