Tuesday, March 1

A Peek & Poison Ivy

I think there has been some confusion...I keep getting compliments on Olivia's new room--but I haven't posted any pictures of her room yet, because it's not done! In my last post about the room, I included an inspiration pic that gave me an idea about using grosgrain ribbon as crown moulding trim. That was inspiration--not the room.

As of Sunday the room was looking like this....

How is that for a reality check? Nowhere close to finished, but look at my awesome mom--painting up a storm. We had a nice little system. I prepped and taped and she painted. As you can see we are also painting furniture. I decided to use the dresser and nightstand from a set we already have after seeing another blogger/designer pull off an impressive makeover with a very similar set.  We're painting just two pieces a soft pink and changing out the hardware to clear/glass pulls. I think the french provincial style will ultimately work well in the room.

We've done a lot-- painted walls, covered cornices, upholstered headboard, hung curtains, assembled bed, assembled toy chest, painted nightstand and dresser drawers

I still have plenty left to do--which includes more painting and purchasing a rug, mirror, and a bookcase. 

It's safe to say Olivia is getting impatient too. She visits "my wooom" everytime she passes by it and sits in one of her pink chairs. Here she is during this morning's visit...
What's that on her face you ask? POISON IVY discovered in the park down the street. City living can have its threats of the wilderness too. Thank you Baltimore. Luckily it has not bothered her terribly with itchiness and she enjoys mommy putting on the Caladryl lotion aka "pinky, pinky."

On a side note, can you count the different shades of pink you see in the picture of above? I'm trying earnestly to embrace it and not make Olivia's toddler room so matchy-matchy, boring-boring--but it IS an exercise in self-control. Its the shade of pink grosgrain ribbons that bothers me most and I may utlimately change to white or navy ribbon. Maybe I'll take a poll at the end of the project and let YOU decide what I should do?

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