Wednesday, March 30

We're Going In...

We're going in and the little one is coming O-U-T.

After my Monday appointment with my OB revealed I am "favorable" for an induction, I've decided that we're going to evict little Lucas on Wednesday, March 30--his due date. Hallelujah.

Without getting too personal I feel like I am SO close to going naturally--water breaking on its own  and all--just like the first time with Olivia. I am sore, stiff, and very uncomfortable and looking forward to the way all of these aches magically disappear with the delivery of a child. Bring it on. My quick recovery last time really amazed me. I was literally in the gym and feeling normal within 2 weeks--baby steps of course.

Today, I stayed home from work to grocery shop, vacuum, bleach, sterilize, mop, dust, and wipe my three-story home down within an inch of its life. I don't know where I got the burst of energy but I feel much better knowing it is taken care of. Charm City Daddy is of course angry at me and wanted me to relax, but how could I with all of those tasks on my mind? Plus if he really cared--he would have had it done or done it himself, OR allow my mom to do it while I'm in the hospital, but will he? Nope.

Olivia has been a delightful riot the past couple of days reminding us how much she has grown. A new baby is really going to change the dynamic of our home and family. I can't wait!

Overdramatizing the camera flash, as usual.
We're getting lots of mileage out of the "big sister" book at bedtime.

Stay tuned for the birth announcement and birth story (which I will not be blogging from the hospital). Wish us well.

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