Wednesday, March 16

I Caved...

I made my rug selection for Olivia's room.

I caved and went with the WHITE flokati and boy is it W-H-I-T-E. It arrived today and as soon as it went down in the room, I took a look around and thought "how did this room get sooo white?"

How did I go from a nice balance (in my head) of pink, white, and navy to this?

Are you wondering how I rationalized a white rug for a kid's room? Here's how--its synthetic--machine washable (although at 8 x11 it ain't gonna fit in my washer/dryer), and the reviews were very positive for use in kids' rooms--so I'm not the only idiot out there.

I ended up going with this one... from Home Decorator's for $270 delivered (free shipping and on sale).

I decided against pink wool shag--b/c I thought it would be too much pink. Then I decided against white wool shag b/c I couldn't find one that was truly white--not beige or ivory. It turns out for me different shades of white  AND pink in the same room is apparently is asking too much.

So--Olivia will be doing little snow angels on her new rug instead of on our kitchen floor now.

And no I can't show you pics of the room b/c it is STILL not done.  I still haven't found a mirror I like, haven't made it to IKEA for the bookshelf, and still waiting on roman shades to arrive---and so much more. I'm about to give up though and move Olivia in this week.

Afterall the most important thing is ready to go--the big girl bed!

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