Tuesday, March 8

Milk Truck Down

Yesterday while parked, our white suburban, aka "the milk truck, " was hit by a woman not paying attention and making an incredibly wide turn. Her car hit the driver's side door of our vehicle and the quarter panel above the wheel. Nice.

After the accident, the door would only open 8-10 inches--just enough for Charm City Daddy to squeeze out (a definite no-go for my preggo booty) and it wouldn't close all the way with a solid 3 inch gap leaving him to drive while holding the door closed. Nice.

So the milk truck is in the shop for the next 2-3 weeks, and we are pimping a blue Chevy HHR. The HHR should stand for you look "hella hella, ridiculous" in this clown car. So if I go into labor while our car is in the shop we get to pack not one, but TWO enormous car seats into the back of this blue pimp wagon rental. Nice.

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