Thursday, March 17

Big Night in Big Girl Bed!

Wednesday evening was Olivia's first night in her big girl bed!!

Although her room is not completely done, we felt it was done enough. We are still waiting on many things to arrive. Stay tuned for the reveal--hopefully soon.

A friend who has 4 very young children warned me that Olivia's transition was going to be the most uneventful transition and all of my anxiety was for nothing. Boy was she right.

For weeks we had been getting O excited about her new digs, telling her she would "go night, night" and "bedtime" in her new bed, so when the time came she thought it was another dress rehearsal and visit.  It wasn't until I handed her the bedtime "trinity" (pacifier, lamb blanket buddy, glow/musical seahorse) and then climbed into bed with her to read her one of her favorite stories, If You Give a Pig a Party, that she realized she would actually be sleeping in the big bed.

When the story was over, I climbed out of the bed--which required scooting all the way to the foot of the bed to the storage bench thanks to the extra long bedrail I securely installed. This was--NOT easy (in fact it was painful) for a 9-month preggo--and I while I enjoyed lying in bed with my little girl--I will not do this again until after I have the baby.

Daddy came in, kissed her, and we closed the door shut (yes, all the way--that's how we roll)--and I began the video monitor stalking. She fell right to sleep.

For now I have the video monitor on her, but I'll have to move it back to the nursery when the time comes for Lucas to use his crib. I haven't decided whether I will continue to use a monitor for Olivia as I like to keep the bedroom doors closed since our house carries so much sound because of the hardwood floors/steps throughout.

At about the 4-hour mark at 11pm, Charm City Daddy and I peeked in on her to give her a kiss. She woke up but went right back to sleep. We closed the door again and then squealed with pride and sorrow that our little baby has grown up!

For a while, I stared at the empty nursery--what a weird feeling it was to see that room empty and another bedroom door closed and occupied. Nonetheless--now that the space is free, it's time to prepare and refresh it for little Lucas.

The following morning, Olivia woke up at her usual 7:30 a.m. and not realizing she was in a bed, she actually stayed in it (standing up) and threw her the trinity on the floor, just like she did when she was in the crib--just to look puzzled and say "uh oh, what happened?" pointing to it when we enter her room.  She thinks she is so clever.

Here she is the next morning. Being her usual silly, dramatic self about the camera flash.

We are so proud of her.  So far night #2 is going well. I'm glad we did this well ahead of little Lucas using the nursery, so Olivia doesn't feel kicked to the curb.

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