Tuesday, March 1

18 Month Stats

Dear Olivia,

Even with poison ivy you are the happiest toddler I know! Your vocabulary is off the charts and you communicate so well with us that we have to remind you to use your words when you get excited or upset.

Sometimes we are surprised at what we hear from you:
- "Uh, oh what happened?"(usually after you have intentionally dismantled or dropped something)
- "It's okay. It's okay" (often comforting a toy)
- "Are you hong-wee?" (which means I am hungry, mom or dad and ready to eat)

We have had to reteach you how to answer yes or no questions as you confuse the meaning of shaking your head and saying "no." It usually goes something like:

Olivia: Nana, pease dah-dee?
Daddy: You want a banana?
Olivia (shaking her head looking daddy dead in the eye) No.
Daddy: (puzzled) okaaay. (starts to put banana away)
Olivia: Nana, pease dah-dee? pease?! pease?!
Daddy: Oooh you meant (nodding) "yes!"
Olivia: yes! (now nodding)

We also call you "Mo the mover" because, for no reason at all, you love picking up your little pint size stools and chairs while complaining to us with a disgruntled face that they are "heavy" and moving them around the room. Yet another thing I need to capture on video.

Finally, your little brother is just days away from arriving and despite all of the library and purchased books about siblings, big sisterhood, new babies and more, I'm still not sure you get it. I have no doubt however, that you will be a great big sister and a lot of fun as you tend to prefer to play with fun-loving boys than possessive and bossy girls. I don't blame you.

Here are your 18-month stats:
  • Height: 33.75 inches (95 percentile)
  • Weight: 25 lbs 14 oz. (50-75 percentile)
  • Head Circumference: 47.3 cm (50-75 percentile)
Love you so much and soaking up as much time as we can with just you before your baby brother arrives!



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