Tuesday, March 1

36 weeks

We had an OB appointment today and we learned a lot.

1. Baby Lucas is still due March 30--but could come early on his own.
2. Baby Lucas is still a boy (No April Fool's jokes or surprises on that one).
3. Baby Lucas is head down and to quote the doctor today "Whooah his head is right there! Very low! You must feel like you're carrying a bowling ball, huh?" Umm YES!
4. At 35 weeks, 6 days Baby Lucas is 5 pounds 13 oz and will be between 7 and 8 lbs by the time he arrives.
5. Baby Lucas is likely to come early but the doctor will not induce me a day earlier than 39 weeks--no matter what---and I'm okay with that.

Although, my back hurts and I feel beat up from the inside out from all of the movement AND I would love to see the little man--who seems to look just like Olivia from the 3D pics (btw)--after reading this article about babies born before 39 weeks from the Wall Street Journal today--I am in no hurry to speed up my comfort at the expense of his health. No thanks, I'll gladly suffer.

It's a mental game from here on out. I gotta be strong.

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