Thursday, March 10

Todder Room Update: Rug Dilemma

I am still working on Olivia's toddler room and like having this baby--ready to get it over with.

My latest dilemma is picking a rug that 1) fits my budget ($200 or less) 2) suits the room's size (6x9 or pref 8x10) and 3) the design motif--AND  4) is also kid-friendly.

If had my way...I'd go with a chic, white wool shag/flokati. Like this look from decorpad...

Growing up my mom had white flokati rugs she adored and kept perhaps too far beyond their decade of origin--the 70's. They are lovely indeed but also impractical.

A toddler's room needs a rug with color/pattern to hide dirt, but I've ruled out the blues, so that leaves more pink! So far, I'm thinking about these selections which are on sale with free shipping at

Pink Stripes--$129 and on the small side at 5x7--realistically, I could fit two of these in the room with plenty of floor space on the perimeter for radiator, bed, dresser, bookshelf, etc. Hmm.
And this one is actually camouflage (also 5x7 and $129), but the pattern is interesting and could work since it combines many shades of pink which satifies my neurotic anxiety about the different shades of pink in the room. I asked Charm City Daddy what the pattern looked like to him..he said "dancing pigs  or something." What do you think?

Finally at $11.99 I'm tempted to also buy this bear rug in addition to whatever choice I make for a main rug b/c it's fun and pink and animal shaped. I'd put it at the foot of O's bed as you walk into the room.

I still may choose a synthetic, short fiber, pink shag rug....I'm just a little leery of what kind of crap, dirt, toys could get caught in its fibers.

I'm giving myself a deadline of this weekend to make a choice. Feel free to chime in with your opinion in the comments.

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