Monday, March 21

He Got Me.

My sweet, thoughtful husband managed to pull together a surprise baby shower for me and baby Lucas on Saturday.

I was shocked, touched---and incredibly grateful. I even cried.

With the help of my parents and younger brother (otherwise known as "Marcus" Stewart or "Benny" Crocker for his culinary and presentation skills) an intimate group of our very best friends were gathered together at my parent's house.

How did Charm City Daddy do it? How did he get me! I am so thankful that he did. It was nice not to have to think about anything--the nursery redo and toddler room have been enough.

We were headed to my parents' house on the premise that he'd watch the NCAA tourney games with my dad--and I'd likely pay Homegoods a visit with my mom and O in tow.  Right before we left, he asked what I was going to wear--hinting that I looked cute at a friend's shower the weekend before and I should wear my brown riding boots again. To that I said a big-fat "HA! I'd rather be comfortable" and I remained in my gray sweatpants and driving moccasins-a decision I later regret as CCD had a friend photographing the shower. Nice.

I admit I am a hard person to surprise and plan around---but he did it. Pics to come as soon as we get them.

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