Monday, March 21

Sharing is Caring

On top of all of the new changes our growing family will soon face with the addition of little Lucas (come OUT boy!)---Olivia started a nanny share this week.

Now, if you've been reading this blog from the get-go you know Charm City Daddy and I are well-versed in the at-home child care department. As you may recall we've had an au pair (let go), a live-out (moved),  a live-in (fired!), and now our latest live-out nanny has evolved into a nanny share. 

That's right,  our nanny is SO wonderful another family has also recognized it and they proposed  a nanny share with their 16-month old son--who by the way is super sweet, smiley, and A-DORABLE. Olivia thinks he is the little baby brother we told her was coming soon. Imagine her surprise when her real brother arrives, much smaller--and oh, yeah BROWN. haha. I love kids. When Olivia doesn't call her new friend "boy" or "brother" we try to get her to call him by his name or at least "buddy." It's really cute.

Our nanny is such a great match for our family and lifestyle, I was a bit hesitant (at first) to share her. But understanding Olivia's need and desire for socialization, and seeing the nanny's enthusiasm about the idea of a share (not to mention additional income for her) how could I refuse? I am happy for her and think it will work out well for everyone--especially the kids. And that's all that matters.

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