Wednesday, June 8

All Endings Are Also Beginnings...

I always think of my favorite Mitch Albom quotes this time of year..."All endings are also beginnings" during commencement season as I have used it in many commencement speeches I made as Miss Maryland.

Today I think of the quote because my maternity leave for little Lucas is coming to an end as I return to work next week.

Don't worry this won't be a sappy "I don't want to leave my baby!" post. Nope. I'm ready to go back to work. I love being a working mama. Love my job. Love the folks I work with and since my office leadership happens to be in transition at the moment--it is very important that I get back to work.

It is also important that Lucas let some other than his mama take care of him. With a total of 10 weeks off, I've actually taken 2 extra weeks off with Lucas than I took with Olivia. According to my husband "he needed it." He is a bit needier than Olivia. We've bonded more with the nursing (since he feeds like EVERY 1.5 hours--INSANE). I just hope he behaves for our nanny. He will.

For my second maternity leave instead of planning a Baby Clambake, a trip to Vegas with CCD, a trip to New Orleans, and killing myself at the gym---I slept more, and soaked in the newborn goodness. We made more family ice cream trips--mm honey graham and salty caramel are my new addictions thanks to the genius of Taharka Brothers. I did more housekeeping items that fall behind in our fast paced lives and long term planning for our family. I even took up semi-extreme couponing and saved $100!

What I did NOT do is finish Olivia's toddler room! Just one more item to buy-the IKEA expedit bookcase but,  I'm calling it "done enough." Pictures of the toddler room coming soon!

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