Monday, November 22

15 Month Stats

Taking a "bubbies!" aka bubbles aka bath.

Here's Olivia's 15-month stats:
  • Height: 32.5 inches (90-95th percentile)
  • Weight: 24 lbs 7 ounces (50-75th percentile)
  • Head Circumference: 47.1 cm (75-90th percentile)
We're hot off a doctor's visit and feeling mighty good! Why? Our pediatrician was very impressed with Olivia's verbal skills! Olivia was her usual talkative self in the doctor's office too, carrying on a full conversation with her doctor and even asking her a few jibberish/real word questions of her own.

She uses some two word sentences and finds it hilarious when I actually respond the way she wants me to b/c I understand her. My favorite phrases so far...

"I gottit" if she drops something that she doesn't want anyone else to pick up--like trying to help me sweep with the dust pan. Sometimes she interchanges it with "I diddit" or "I do it."

"I ruv vue." We all know what that means. Melts you down to a puddle.

Last night, Charm City Daddy told her to run back from the front door and give Granddad a kiss before we left. She ran into the kitchen where my dad was and said "Mmmwah" in the air and ran out back of the room. Hilarious.

And there's nothing better than a baby that tells you it's bedtime or naptime when she is tired. She chants it like I always have as I carry her up the stairs to her bedroom (daddy chants too). To address my anxiety about messing up our perfect bedtime routine, the doctor suggested that we not change her to a toddler bed until after the new baby is ready to come out of the bassinett and into the crib at about 8 weeks old.  This way she said i don't lose any unnecessary sleep in case there are issues with the transition. By then Olivia will be 21-22 months old. I hope that works.

Speaking of new baby..this boy is doing somersaults in my tummy!

AND...we are STILL waiting for my niece to arrive! Sorry sis! We just hope she doesn't arrive on Thanksgiving Day.

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