Monday, May 2

Officially Offline

Dear Olivia:

Tonight you officially went offline and are no longer under baby monitor surveillance. This was not an easy decision for your mommy and daddy. We had hoped to keep you under video surveillance until you turned 18 and moved out for college. And chances are, when you came home from college on breaks, we'd probably tempted to hook up the monitor again--for old time's sake, of course. But nope...we're letting go and setting you free. No monitor and a closed door (We will probably regret that closed door in about 15 years).

Your mommy will especially miss stalking you during naps and at bedtime. She will never forget watching your little body slowly grow and fill up more and more of the screen. In fact for months your mommy contemplated having two monitors--one for you and one for your baby brother, Lucas, but she came to her senses when she realized that the frequencies and interference would probably render them both annoying and useless.

It is time for Lucas to take over with the video monitor now.  After all Olivia, you are big enough to climb out of your big girl bed and walk to mommy and daddy's room--and last night you did so--about 5 times between midnight and 3:30 a.m. It KILLS us. Actually it kills daddy because he's closest to the door and in charge of ushering you back to your room.  Last night, we were so tired--by your third visit--we didn't hear you come in and close the door behind yourself. You even shook daddy's arm with no success and then tried mommy's arm. She ushered you to bed and fell asleep in your bed with you only to be awakened minutes later by daddy to nurse your little brother--mommy's work is never done.

You may be going offline--but it doesn't mean we won't be popping into your room and stealing kisses at night and just peeking in to check on you.  And we will continue to do so---until you are 18! So live with it.
Love you baby girl!


Your Mommy and Daddy

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