Thursday, September 1

So we had a Earthquake and Hurricane... the same week!

I feel like I need to mention these two things, because they were kind of big deals.

First, the earthquake...

-I was at work.
-Olivia was at home sleeping (it was naptime) and remained sleeping through the whole experience.
-Lucas was in his baby swing sleeping and also remained unimpressed with the earth moving.
-Charm City Daddy was standing in the front yard talking to a neighbor.

Later that week, Hurricane Irene came through and surprised us all with her overnight winds and rains which uprooted nearly a tree on every street of our neighborhood--which is filled with big, old trees. A tree came down over a power line in our next door neighbor's backyard that left our side of the street without power for 4 long, days.

One tree came down (never heard a sound) in our yard just feet from Olivia's room and miraculously missed it---and somehow bent around our sun porch. Only God.

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