Saturday, January 2

Beauty Hurts...

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Olivia's ears are pierced! Aaaahhh! I am so glad it is over. I have worried and stressed about this day from the moment I asked O's doctor when we could get her ears pierced. She recommended to wait until 4 months--after two rounds of shots, but young enough that O wouldn't yank at them.

Charm City Daddy and I were so excited..then I almost cried just before it happened. We picked out the earrings first, "genuine diamonds" according to the case (lol) and the biggest her little ears could take. She was strapped her to daddy in the Bjorn carrier (b/c mommy's heart can't take shots or anything that hurts baby). I was armed with a blackberry for pics/video and a lollipop just in case a pacifier didn't do the trick and THANK GOD because there was a slight snafu with the piercing gun (it jammed and didn't clip the back of the earring on) and this caused the woman to prolong the piercing of O's right ear, which caused poor Olivia's wail to hit new heights. As soon as the gun jammed I looked at CCD and we both had this huge look of guilt---and felt like awful parents. It was all we could do not to scream at the lady but both of us remained silent as she got it together very quickly. It was so hard to watch---but I videotaped in case we would have to take this BIOTCH to court. Don't mess with my baby! It all ended well and they look perfect--thank goodness.

It is amazing how different she looks with these little gems poking out of her ear.

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