Wednesday, January 20

Five Months Old

...and just a big butterball of FUN!

Giggling loudly. Growling with a gutteral raspy "rooaaar"(where did you get that from?).  Eating solids--loving applesauce and the spoon airplane. Wearing cloth diapers and pooping like a champ. Passing objects easily from one hand to the other. Putting your pacifier in your mouth all by yourself without thought or hesitation (yet another reason mommy needs to get rid of it). Helping mommy turn the pages of books we read at bedtime (sometimes before I'm finished reading the page). Taking daytime power naps (well that is plural on a good day) for not longer than 30-minute stints and driving us all crazy and tired. Failing to stay awake past 7 p.m. and asleep past 7 a.m. Playing with the bath water and splashing it with reckless abandon. Recognizing your name and turning your head when we call you by it. Mesmerized by music so much so that it stops you in your tracks and listening like you are dissecting the composition. Enjoying cartoons on Saturday (and sometimes weekday) mornings in the middle of mommy and daddy's bed while they catch extra Zzz. Ducking from daddy's overwhelming kiss fests.  Demanding to be held constantly if we don't push you around the house in your stroller or sit you in your bouncer. Loving dancing with mommy on her hip. Loving the drama of when mommy face plants into her bed spread eagle just to get a reaction from you. Lacking any knowledge of your new earrings, but hating when mommy has to clean them each day. Growing more kinky naps and thicker hair every day and losing more in the back from the crib rub. Whining anytime you see a bottle or water bottle and reaching for it. Ballooning to new heights in baby obesity and making mommy proud with every little roll on your fat legs. Making us proud with every new talent, skill, and sound. Teaching us to be flexible parents and enjoy every little moment with you as you grow up before our eyes.

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  1. She is so adorable!! I just want to smooch her cheeks!! I can't believe how fast time is going for our little girls!!