Saturday, January 2

Fashion. Drama. Fabulous.

"Fashion, Fashion, Fashion. Dram-er, Dram-er, Dram-er. Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous."  -Dwight from the Real Housewives of Atlanta

I have had so much fun with Olivia's outfits during this little winter break!

I bought her some little pink fur boots the other day at Sassanova and couldn't wait to pair them with everything in her wardrobe. Then it snowed again and it helped make my case to Charm City Daddy of why she NEEDED these boots!

They were perfect for her juicy jumpsuit--which was a hit at New Year's Eve noon service at church.

And today she was a real ghetto bunny. I mean ready to break dance and '"pop n' lock" at any moment--complete with Pastry's. Too cute.


Hey she's happy--"do you boo boo." lol.

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