Monday, September 20

The First Halloween Costume?

Although Charm City Daddy isn't big on celebrating Halloween, he is the first to run to the door to pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters.  Go figure. I don't know what this will mean for Miss Olivia when she catches on, but I suspect he will give in and be the one that escorts her around the neighborhood.

This is the first year I can really dress Olivia up in a fun costume that she may get a tad excited about if we can keep it comfortable. Last year I dressed up my little butterball and she just helped me distribute candy to the other kiddies until she got too fussy about being up past her bedtime and I finally put her to bed.

Here's an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at keeping your 10-week old up too late.
Note: kicked off pumpkin slipper. Poor sleepy baby.
This year, I want dress up Olivia as either her favorite thing in the world, BANANA! or favorite thing to do ROOAAR! like a Lion.  Lion costumes are adorable and look relatively comfortable--even for a little walker like Olivia.

But the bananas costumes are so very very sad, cheap, and uncomfortable looking. Don't you feel sorry for this child? I do.

First of all, I hope that is indeed a girl wearing those gold ballet flats. Second, "her" arms are out at her sides like "what mom? what do you want from me?" (*Sing it Adam Lambert!*)  I couldn't agree more with you more kid. This just seems cruel.

What do you think? What will your little ones be for Halloween?

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